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Jan 20, 2014
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Some days, we think Calvin Abueva would much rather brawl than ball.

During the Alaska Aces's do-or-die game against the Barako Bull Energy Colas last Sunday, the controversial cager once again found himself tangled up with an opposing team's player, this time high-flying swingman JC Intal. In an incident reminiscent of last week's scuffle with Jared Dillinger, both Abueva and Intal had to be restrained when Calvin's elbow accidentally landed on JC's face after yet another physical play.

Brother Cal, we're starting to think you're simply asking for it. Press play on the video below to see how it went down:



Calvin was so distraught afterwards that he ended up committing three successive fouls in the opening quarter alone, and fouled out with 10 minutes left in the closing period. Alaska went on to win the game, 89-80, but the real question here is this: Is he doing these things on purpose?

The world is hearing about his altercations with Dillinger and Intal only now, but Abueva has long been notorious around the b-ball scene for his physical and emotional style of play. Scroll down to meet the many players "The Beast" has pissed off in the past and help us figure out whether these scuffles are intentional or not.

Abueva vs. Joggy Laude
What happened here? This is the one where Abueva (then playing for San Sebastian) gets slapped with an early ejection after getting caught hitting Lyceum's Laude at the back of the head.
Was it intentional? Oh, heck yes—you can totally see the cheap shot. As a result, Calvin received a one-game ban and was subsequently disqualified from that year's MVP race. Fair enough.


Abueva vs. Jared Dillinger
What happened here?
This is the one where Meralco's Dillinger goes mental after Abueva's elbow landed on his face during a botched fastbreak play.

Was it intentional? We don't think so. Dillinger was seen holding on to Abueva's jersey on their way down, forcing Calvin to lose all sense of balance in the process. And did you see the puzzled look on his face? He clearly had no idea what just transpired.



Abueva vs. James Yap
What happened here? This is the one where Abueva frustrates the hell out of Yap after successively flopping against the Coffee Mixers star.

Was it intentional? It sure was. We all know James to be an incredibly graceful player, and Calvin was obviously trying to get on his opponent's' nerves the whole time.




Abueva vs. Chris Ellis

What happened here? This is the one where Abueva gives Ellis the crazy eye after the Ginebra forward sabotaged what was supposed to be an easy put-back for the Alaska star. 

Was it intentional? You could say he was brawlin' on purpose. As PBA commentator Jason Webb indicates, "There is absolutely no reason why Calvin has to go through all of that." It's not that hard of a foul to begin with!


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