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Sep 13, 2013
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On Sunday, September 15, 2013 (Manila time) you're not going to see Pacquiao against Mayweather. Which sucks.

Instead, undefeated champions, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Mexican superstar Saul "El Canelo" Alvarez will fight for each other's title belts and the pound-for-pound throne--a fight that's far from sucking. The ultra-slick Mayweather colliding with a knockout-seeker like Canelo is not one to be missed just as Erik Matti's OTJ was.

At times, it can't be helped if you feel like the pre-fight hype is just taking you for a ride--a ride ending up with having to painfully watch Mayweather as he routs his opponent again. Money-May's been so dominant for such a long time it’s hard to imagine him being pushed to his limits by anyone other than a prime Manny Pacquiao or Wladimir Klitschko.

So why are we excited? Why are we in the corner that believes Mayweather vs. Alvarez might be the biggest boxing event of 2013, Pacquiao bouts aside? Along with the fact that both fighters have massive followings, the truth is it has potential to actually be a great battle.

It's established that Mayweather is otherwordly. Alvarez, though, can't be counted out. The dude's legit, and if you need reasons why it's okay to put your money on the less-proven but dangerous Mexican fighter, here are five factors:

1) Canelo is not a nobody

With Mayweather being clearly superior in speed and experience and looking to benefit the most from their 152-lb. catch-weight deal, you may think that Money's already won from the moment they signed the contracts. Mayweather is a smart man, and knows how to subtly shape a fight to gain little advantages here and there. However, Canelo is by no measure a pushover. Witness: his 42-and-0 record, his lethal combinations, his 30 wins by knockout, and this video: 


No one will be able to match Mayweather in terms of skill and speed. But historically, the most trouble he's had is when he's fighting a bigger guy. Once again, Pretty Boy Floyd will be weaving in and out of harm's way. But it's that one sliver of a chance that this dude, someone with knockout power, will get one thunderous blow in, and give Money a run for his money. The appeal of Mayweather fights for many Filipino boxing fans can be distilled in this old Filipino saying: "Tuso man ang matsing, tatamaan ka rin!"

Additionally, Canelo's "artistahin" looks have made him at least the sport's 3rd most bankable name.

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