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Mar 21, 2014
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FHM Nation, are you as psyched about this rematch as we are? Perennial showstoppers Dan Henderson and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua will once again square off inside the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 38 this Monday (Manila time)! 


If their first bout —awarded Fight of the Year by UFC in 2011—is any indication, the second one is going to be a bloody battle. We can still recall every minute of that epic showdown...

Hendo decimated Shogun early on in the fight, and we all thought it was going to end very quickly.


But much to our delight, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion kept going and survived Dan's ground and pound. 


Rua turned the tide later on in the championship rounds, and it didn't help that Henderson gassed out. 


Shogun gave his opponent a taste of his own medicine in the final round, but the old-timer had just as much heart as Rua. Henderson ended up winning the fight by unanimous decision, but boy, was it close.


The first fight could have gone either way. And truth be told, we still don't know who to bet on this time around. So here's an idea: Pwede bang idaan na lang sa pagandahan ng knockouts? Jump to the next page to see Hendo and Shogun's greatest hits!

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