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Mar 24, 2015
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Deron Williams may not be the menace on the court like he once was, but that doesn't mean that the three-time NBA All-Star is not capable of dazzling us once in a while. Brandon Bass and the Boston Celtics learned of this the hard, embarrassing way when they faced Williams and his Brooklyn Nets earlier today in Barclays Arena.

Late in the third quarter, the Nets point guard got Bass on defense after the C's power forward switch off a high pick. With the shot clock winding down, D-Will asked for a clear out and took his defender to prom. Oh, they danced alright.


One... Two... Three... Swish!

Here it is in super slow-mo:

And here's the full video:

Video via AshTex's YouTube channel

The Nets' highlight reel had little else to offer aside from this though, as the Celtics took a cue from Bass' ankles and held up for the win, 110-91. D-Will posted a double-double of ten points and ten assists to go with his awesome throwback move.