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May 20, 2015
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The world of sports is home to a surplus of miraculous plays and dazzling displays. Out-of-this-world dunks, buzzer-beaters, touchdowns, homers, and successful Hail Mary passes are just some of the concrete examples of how beautiful each game can be.

But there are times when not all things go according to plan (more like, the play) and instead of highlights, we get a blooper reel.

With that in mind, we gathered recent sports fails which ironically came with victories—except for one that is worthy of a loud "Buti nga!" Check out below, moments from sports outside of basketball we think would fit right in Shaqtin' A Fool!


A baseball pitcher is supposed to be the one making the throws to his catcher, not the other way around.

Video via MLB

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher (quite the tongue-twister) Sean O'Sullivan was a victim of a wrong back turn at the wrong time when he was accidentally hit right in the jugular by his catcher Cameron Rupp during a recent game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. In the end, a bruised neck didn't matter; O'Sullivan went on to win his first big league game in four years asn the Phillies dominated the Diamondbacks 6-0. Gulp.


Apparently, one man's Grand Slam is another man's botched potato salad.

Video via minorleaguebaseball

Toronto Blue Jays Triple-A outfielder Chris Dickerson might've helped the Buffalo Bisons to a 16-2 trampling of the Toledo Mud Hens with his impressive home run hit, albeit at the expense of a healthy tub of potato salad. Dig in...


A little showboating wouldn't hurt. Just make sure you have something to boast about first.

Video via Inter Tv

Henry Seniloli of rugby team Treviso was sure he was on his way to an easy try (score), taunting Scarlets centre Scott Williams in the process during a Pro12 competition in Italy. Instead, everything backfired, as Seniloli was stopped by Williams at the tryline and wasn't able to extend his team's 13-3 lead. To make matters worse, the Scarlets came back and shocked Treviso 17-13, booking a spot in the European Champion's Cup for the next season. Who's bragging now?


What seemed to be a harmless form of celebration is actually a $94,000 (about P4.2 million) worth of lens damages.

Video via World Rugby

Kenyan rugby star Collins Injera is certainly oblivious that the camera lens he autographed after scoring his 200th try on the World Sevens Series costs £60,000—almost a hundred thousand dollars. The practice is common among tennis players, although they are actually signing on a thin sheet of protective glass cover. Still, the real question is, where the hell did Injera get that pen?



This wasn't exactly the celebration tennis superstar Novak Djokovic was hoping for...

Video via Mathias M.M

It wasn't opponent Roger Federer who beat Djokovic in the Italian Open final, but Djokovic's own victory champagne bottle, whose cork popped right into his face. The flying object bruised the nose of the current world number one, who came home not only with a trophy, but also with a moral lesson: Always point the champagne away from your face.


This just shows how captivating at the same time how zeroed in world No. 2 Maria Sharapova is.

Video via Mathias M.M

As clumsy as the ball boy who tripped while trying to give her some shade, Maria appears unaffected by the commotion behind her. Proof of her laser focus? She went on to beat Spain's Carla Suarez Navarro (4-6, 7-5, 6-1) for her third career Italian Open title. Well, you can't really blame him...