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Sep 11, 2014
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The feelings we have for Gilas Pilipinas are the complete opposite of how we feel about Floyd Mayweather Jr. Inescapably irritating, it’s difficult to like someone who says “I’m filthy rich and the rest of you are losers” all the time. Plus, he continues to deny us Pacquiao-Mayweather bout—rumors of which are once again on the rise, with Bob Arum himself mercilessly teasing us.

But because no one has been able to hand Money May an ass-whoopin’, he’s been able to laugh in our faces while sitting on top of piles and piles of cash. This Sunday, September 14 (Manila time), Floyd will have a rematch against the man he defeated in an unexpectedly tough battle last May, Marcos “El Chino” Maidana. Guess whose side we are taking.

Image via Theguardian.com

No, we’re not issuing any sort of reading challenge like 50 Cent did. Instead, we’re putting on our wannabe-trainer hats on, and tell Maidana the five things he needs to do to flip the script on the pompous champion. Join us brothers and sisters in imploring Marcos to take notes. Tweet away!

1)   "Amigo, distansya mo!"

In their first tussle, Maidana had some success by neutralizing Mayweather’s fabled ring movement. Marcos was able to outhustle Floyd in the early going by taking the fight inside–where Mayweather can’t fully operate. Unfortunately for the Argentine power-puncher, fighting as if the match was taking place inside a phone booth also took something away from him. Marcos ran out of space to connect cleanly with his strongest punch, the overhand right.

It’s obvious: Chino’s power-shot needs more distance to be effective. But what can he do if inside fighting is the only way he’ll be able to slow Floyd down? Well, while he’s smothering Floyd, every once in a while Marcos can try taking a step away from his adversary before he unloads his overhand right.

Taking one step back should create enough space for the blow to gain the necessary momentum and become a KO punch when it lands. Go on and try it Marcos, it’s just like giving your woman her space when she needs it, you’ll be rewarded for it later on.

2)   "Kaunting variation naman diyan, bro!"

Apparently variation isn’t only useful in the bedroom but also in the squared circle. Formerly, Maidana didn’t attack Mayweather any other way than throwing clubbing blows on top with occasional trips down the body. Mayweather soon figured out what's up. 


In the rematch, it’s important for Chino to mix things up and be unpredictable. Our suggestion: when Floyd is on the lookout for the overhand right, Marcos should deliver the bolo punch–a combination of an uppercut and a hook–with his left. Thrown at an unusual angle from underneath, it’s a surprising follow-up strike after faking a shot upstairs.

The bolo punch could get the job done. After all, it helped make a Pinoy pugilist named Francisco Guilledo a.k.a. Pancho Villa, become an all-time great.

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