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Sep 17, 2013
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We can think of a million reasons why Gary Payton's induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame this year is a long time coming.

But first, you all should watch this. Press play to see parts of The Glove's induction:


Charles Barkley once called him "the greatest player in the world." Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson cite him as their mentor and idol. The league placed him in the All-Defensive Team a record nine times during his career, tying Michael Jordan in the process. He was awarded NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 1996. He's the only player in NBA history to accumulate 20,000 points, 5,000 rebounds, 8,000 assists, and 2,000 steals in a career. A six-time Sports Illustrated cover guy. A one-time NBA Champion. A two-time Olympic gold medalist. Played 17 successful years as a pro.

Man, we could do this all night.

And those are just the stats. In the eyes of every hoops fan, the Glove deserves a lot of love because...

...Because he will taunt you like a mofo

Gary Payton

...Because we've never seen Michael Jordan get posterized this way

Gary Payton

...Because he's a very clumsy baller; but a very precise defender, too

Gary Payton
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