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Dec 11, 2014
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We bet you've seen dudes acting like slap machines in table tennis:

headis sportGIF via Sbnation.com

...and head-swingin' jocks in football:

headis sportGIF via Elitedaily.com

But what happens when you combine the two? Is such a thing even possible? Yes it is! Yes. It. Is.

Guys and gals, here's headis, a crazy table sport that's gaining steam in Germany:

Video via HeadisSports

Invented in 2006, headis is described as two parts table tennis and one part football. It's played on a table tennis table and has similar rules with table tennis. The big difference is that the sport uses a ball that's much bigger than a ping pong ballabout seven inches in diameter or a little smaller than a soccer ball.

Oh, have we mentioned that instead of a paddle you also use your head (literally!) to score points? Headis a.k.a. the sport where you can use the head-bangin' skills you acquired during your teen angst-laden metal/emo days to good use.

Seriously, while it's not big in other countries, the Germans are getting on it big time! In fact, they've got loads of tournaments every year played by both sexes, kids, and adults.

Here's a dizzying video on top headies plays:

Video via HeadisSports

We've yet to see local practitioners of this man sport. And when that day comes, we've only one pro-tip to give: be sober if you're playing or the results will be messy (we're not even talking about the scores!).