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Jan 13, 2014
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This will sound wrong on so many levels, but don't you just love it when tempers flare between two intense and highly competitive players?

Such was the case last Friday night when Alaska Aces's Calvin Abueva got involved in a scuffle with Meralco Bolts' Jared Dillinger after tangling hard with each on the baseline of the Alaska goal. Dillinger, who lost his cool after accidentally getting hit in the nose, pinned Abueva to the railing and gave him a verbal smackdown before teammates and game officials separated the two. Yikes!

As a result, both men were slapped with technical fouls after the incident. Press play on the video below to see how it all went down:


The Bolts ended up beating the Aces, 74-65, and Jared was quick to dismiss the rumored bad blood boiling between him and Calvin. "The fight between me and Calvin was just about two men playing hard," he explains to Spin.ph. "Emotions were flying during that important part of the game. I have nothing against him. Sometimes the emotions just flow a little bit. I'll try to keep it in check next time." Well said, sir. 

See? It turns out "The Daredevil" isn't as mental as people think. He just reacted to a hard hit, that's all. And between you and us, we think things really didn't get as violent as the video suggests. Here in fact, are some of the ambiguously kind things Dillinger actually (okay, might have) shouted to Abueva during their little altercation:


Jared Dillinger

Jared Dillinger

Jared Dillinger

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