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Dec 16, 2013
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FHM Nation, let's all share a moment of silence to mourn the downward spiraling life of Lamar Joseph Odom.

Here's what's up: We've just confirmed that Khloe Kardashian-Odom, his wife of four years, has filed for divorce from Lamar, citing "irreconcilable differences." Khloe, whose marriage with Lamar has gone sour because of his alleged drug problems, has asked that "Odom" be removed from her legal name. She reportedly isn't seeking spousal support and requests that he seek none from her.

As of this writing, the former Laker is now without a wife, a career, and is reportedly neck deep in his drug and alcohol addiction. Where's the playah we used to know and idolize? This isn't you, bro.

In the off chance that you get to read this, brother Lamar, here's a list of things we miss the most about you. Power through, sir. You'll get through this!

First and foremost, we miss seeing Lamar in an NBA game. Let'
s get that one out of the way.

Lamar Odom

We miss how lovestruck Lamar used to be over Khloe. We used to think you were crazy for marrying a Kardashian, but deep inside,
kinilig din kami.

Lamar Odom

We miss the time when the only fiasco in Lamar's life is the unrequited love he got from his former team.

Lamar Odom

And now that we mention it, we totally miss Lamar as a Laker. Good times. Good times.

Lamar Odom
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