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Dec 20, 2014
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So apparently Liam Neeson is a huge New York Knicks fan, and he proved it by giving Washington Wizards' star John Wall a stern warning for their scheduled match-up on NBA's Christmas Day special on December 26 (Manila time).

Video via ESPN CreativeWorks

This is of course a parody of Mr. Neeson's famous scene in Taken:

Video via ExperienceTimRyan

Judging by how lousy the Knicks are so far this season, they'll need all the help they can get, especially against a red-hot team like the Wizards. We're not saying you should also call John Wall, just you know, expect a rout the worst...

And in case you didn't get the last part of the video, Mr. Neeson has a new movie scheduled for release early next year. Yes, it's another TakenPart III, to be exact. Here's the trailer:

Video via 20th Century Fox

To recap all these man-news we've just told you, remember to: watch the NBA's Christmas Day special on the 26th and Taken 3 hits theaters next year. You're welcome!