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Mar 11, 2014
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Opening today, March 12, in theaters is Manny, a documentary about the Philippines' favorite son, Manny Pacquiao.

Directed by Ryan Moore and Leon Gast (the same guy who directed the Oscar-winning Ali documentary When We Were Kings in 1996), Manny takes a look at the inspiring life story of Pacquiao, who rose from poverty to become a ten-time boxing world champion, Congressman, and international icon—a story that we're sure no Filipino is a stranger to.

Adding punch to the film is Liam Neeson's narration, who himself is a Manny fan. “What a boxer. He is one of the greats,” the Irish actor said during his most recent guesting in ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Neeson isn't the only Hollywood star enamored by Pacquiao's ring exploits. Another such character is Mark Wahlberg, who watched Pacquiao when he prepared for his Mickey Ward biopic, The Fighter. Wahlberg shares, “Every time he was training at Wild Card Gym, I watched him because my whole approach was, I wanted to look like a Manny Pacquiao-caliber fighter. I didn’t want to look like another actor who’s doing an okay job.”

Other personalities appearing in the documentary include; actor Jeremy Piven; boxers Oscar de la Hoya and Evander Holyfield, singer Dan Hill, respected sportswriters and boxing analysts, as well as the PacMan's friends and family.

Here's the trailer:


The topics that the documentary discusses should sound very, very familiar to Filipinos. This will feel more like a recount of a historical rise for us, which leads us to think that Manny is geared more towards the international community; for foreign fans who have seen and heard about Pac-mania from a distance.

However, the Manny story is one of sports' most involving tales and is worth reliving again and again, whatever nationality you may be. Which is why we've made a pact with our buddies to watch it soon—and so should you!

This brings us to that other Pacquiao film that we didn't watch when it opened in cinemas: Lisensyadong Kamao. The 2005 film was essentially Pacquiao's life story but with more Eddie Garcia and FHM babes Juliana Palermo and Aubrey Miles.

Prior to Manny, Lisensyadong Kamao was probably the closest silver screen retelling of the Pacquiao story. (No, the Jericho Rosales-starrer doesn't count; we can all agree it was a flaming pile of crap, right?)

In any case, we watched the entire movie, which is available on YouTube, and listed down our 10 favorite moments...so that you don't have to, unless you find pleasure in watching Pacquiao act. Our thorough, OMG-did-we-really-do-this synopsis of Lisensyadong Kamao is below!

In the film, Manny Pacquiao stars as Ambrosio Lerio, a poor person hailing from Cotabato who appears to have an innate talent in street-fighting. In the clip below, he shows that not only can he punch, he can also kick, as he shows to these dudes who have nothing better to do than make kids fight and bet on them.


Ambrosio wins the aforementioned fight. A group of cops sees the boxing talent in him and befriends him. From there, Pacquiao este Ambrosio shares his past life to his newfound cop buddies.

It is revealed that he used to have a lover back in Cotabato. And that girl is none other than Aubrey-freakin'-Miles! Ambrosio to Aubrey: "Nagsisikap naman ako ah, para sa kinabukasan nating dalawa."


As it turns out, Aubrey has a brother who's also a boxer named Peping. Peping disapproves of Brosio's relationship with his sister.

So in a sparring match, Brosio unleashes his boxing powers by killing Peping, leaving him frothing in the mouth.


So Aubrey decides to break up with 'Brosio. (Killing your girlfriend's brother tends to cause something like this).

The Brosio in Manila story arc continues, with our hero still street-fighting. This time he shows his deadly boxing skills by punching a hole through a pumpkin:


5) Brosio, now a balut vendor, finds himself confronted by the tambay he just recently beat up: Mang Timeon. Mang Timeon sees Brosio and throws Brosio's baluts to the ground.

This pisses off Brosio ("Mang Timeon paano yung balut ko?!") and proceeds to give Mang Timeon another lesson in the field of pugilism. 


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