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May 1, 2015
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He might have smiled throughout the #MayPac press conferences and even the #WeighInOfTheCentury but we're pretty sure Manny Pacquiao is trying his darnest to remain focused for the fight. The hopes of an entire nation rest on his muscled shoulders, after all.

So, how focused and determined is he on winning the Fight Of The Century? Nike has just released an inspirational video that shows what our Pambansang Kamao put his body into to prepare for the biggest matchup of his career:

pacquiao training

pacquiao training

pacquiao training

pacquiao training

Pacman also spewed tips culled from his almost 20-year boxing career. The man has endured countless hours of tough training, criticisms, a hectic schedule, and the burdens of being a singer-congressman-athlete-actor. So, for everyone who wants to have a great career in sports, better listen up!

Trust us, you'll respect him even more after you've seen this video:

Video via Nike Training

Not only does it show how tasking the things Manny has to do to be in top fighting shape, the video also reminds us of one fact that many of us sometimes forget: Pacquiao is still humanwhich is precisely why he still needs mental strength, like the rest of us.

Don't worry, Manny! You may be fighting for us alone in the ring but know that we'll always have your back no matter what! #LabanManny #SugodManny #GoManny #BeatMayweather