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Sep 13, 2013
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Those who've been watching undefeated mixed martial arts prodigy Mark Striegl for a while now know that his fights can only end one way: By means of a vicious submission hold. We're going to go on a limb here and predict that Mark will be taking another one from his wide arsenal of grappling moves to secure the vacant PXC Featherweight Championship belt over Korean rival Jang Yong Kim at the main event of PXC 39 this Saturday, September 14.

Mark Striegl
So what kind of submission holds should we expect from "Mugen" this time around? We have a couple of 'em in mind...

1. Scarf Hold Armlock
Mark won his last two fights courtesy of this submission hold, the unfortunate and unprepared victims being cage veterans Harris Sarmiento (at PXC 34) and Robert Wustigg (at PXC 33). Also known as the Floating Americana Arm Lock, this move attacks the elbow and the shoulder from the scarf position. Striegl, however, calls his version the Fil-Americana, because he's, you know, Fil-Am.


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