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Sep 17, 2013
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Okay, so maybe we spoke too soon and jinxed Mark Striegl's undefeated streak just a little bit. We're sorry, okay? The main event of Saturday's PXC 39 saw Korean Top Team's Jang Yong Kim winning the vacant PXC Featherweight Championship at the expense of Striegl, who lost for the first time in his career. It's heartbreaking, we know, but everyone has to feel what it's like to lose at some point, right?

We're thinking those who didn't catch the fight want to know how it happened. Scroll down to see our post-fight play-by-play:

Round 1

After a quick back and forth display of technique, Striegl managed to take Kim down within the first minute of the bout.

PXC 39
Striegl grinded Kim down, but the Korean quickly grabbed our hometown hero's arm and maneuvered it into a Kimura. After a failed attempt, Kim transitioned into an armbar. Striegl got out of his opponent's submission attempts just fine, but he somehow ended up on the bottom.

PXC 39
Kim scrambled to take Striegl's back and tried to set himself up for another submission move on his opponent's arm, but once again he failed to capitalize on the dominant position.

PXC 39
Striegl displayed his own set of ground skills by reversing to get Kim's back, which led to an intense rear naked choke attempt. People started to go bonkers, sold with the idea that this fight wouldn't last long. Kim, however, powered through.

PXC 39
After firing a couple of punches from behind and successfully defending Kim's late first round submission attempts, Striegl ends the opening round with momentum on his side.

PXC 39
NEXT: How the second round went down

Photos Jake Verzosa