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Apr 15, 2015
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If you’ve been too busy doing stuff other than counting down the days leading to boxing’s ultimate showdown, you might’ve missed a few stories that would’ve certainly made you hungrier to see Manny Pac and Floyd trade leather.

Thankfully, you’ve got us to covering all the bases. Read below and find out what happened in the lives of the Pacman and Money-May this past week.

YAY:   Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. favors Manny Pacquiao over Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Manny’s got a big one backing his corner. Impressed with the Filipino champ’s fighting heart, Mexico’s all-time greatest boxer, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., is picking our Pambansang Kamao to win on May 3. For the legendary Culiacan warrior, winning a fight is all about “Corazon”—or “puso.” Chavez Sr., a fighter famous for his unwavering passion and ferocity, surely knows that aside from being armed with tremendous skill, Manny has the heart of a lion. 

Full story here.

NAY:   Ticket allocations for Team Pacquiao are being delayed

Bob Arum was absolutely livid when he addressed his problems with the MGM Grand and the Mayweather Camp. The issue: The said parties have allegedly not gotten the tickets and room accommodations entitled to Team Pacquiao.

“They (the MGM) are going around saying, ‘The fight, the fight, blah, blah, blah,’ but they got nothing,” Arum told Yahoo! Sports.

Putting Uncle Bob in a foul mood could definitely get the fight postponed. That’s a thought scarier than this generation's version of Chucky, Annabelle. Hey, Mayweather Promotions, you better fix this one quickly! 

Full story here.

YAY:   Manny counters Floyd’s $25,000 grill-protector with his rainbow mouthpiece

Image via YouTube

Manny Pacquiao has unveiled the mouthguard that he’ll use on the big day. It may not be as expensive as his nemesis’ diamond-filled mouthpiece but it’s just as attention-grabbing with its multicolored design. Now for our mini-prediction involving mouthguards: as the Pacman bites down on his colorful mouthpiece he will land a scorching left that’ll knock Money-May’s ludicrous mouthguard out of the ring and someone in the audience will become $25,000 richer. (We're praying it's us.)

Full story here.

NAY:   The Avengers bet a million...cents on Pacquiao-Mayweather

Image via YouTube

Chris Hemsworth a.k.a. Mr. God of Thunder and America’s super soldier, Chris Evans, made a bet on Mayweather-Pacquiao. Rooting for Manny, Hemsworth came up with a wager involving...a million cents, push-ups, and his own children. Evans immediately sided with Floyd and accepted his co-star’s challenge. To which we react: Dudes, your movies are making millions, surely you can bet more money!


Full story here.

YAY:   Manny, remastering his left hand!

The hard-punching Filipino southpaw has been so used to throwing his magnificent right hook over the years that coach Freddie Roach felt the necessity to recalibrate his pupil’s main weapon. As a result, Pacquiao has been doing workouts and 12-round sparring sessions using only his left. The seven-time Trainer of the Year believes going through such routines will instill back the deadliness in Manny’s dominant hand. Man, we could just hear Manny’s left fist hollering, “Money-May’s jaw here I come!” like it did here:

Video via Christopher Metler

Full story here.

NAY:   Overblown injury concerns at Mayweather's camp 

Rumors have been swirling around that the megafight might not push through due to a split lip Floyd suffered in sparring. But according to Mlive.com’s David Mayo, one of the few journalists who’s got an inside pass to the Mayweather camp, there’s no reason for us to let these injury reports blow smoke in our asses. 

“As to Mayweather-Pacquiao, when it comes to the injuries that seem to concern so many, including many otherwise unconcerned about boxing, there's nothing to see here until three weekends from now, when they try to inflict injury upon each other,” wrote Mayo.

Major injuries such as cuts, sprains, and broken bones, can cause a fight to be cancelled temporarily. Right now, though, we can all relax, just wait for May 3 and not panic like an overbearing, micro-managing girlfriend.

Full story here.

YAY:   The official music video for Manny’s walk-in song is out

His singing ability is just a notch above his basketball skills but you can’t deny our boy’s burning passion and sincerity. Manny, we’ll let your Ann Curtis-like singing slide because we know you’re going to bring it and then some on May 3.

Watch it here:

Video via Manny Pacquiao

If you watched it till the very end, though, you’ll see that Manny is now also into directing music video. Uh-oh!

NAY:   A couple of notable names pick Mayweather to win

Image via NBA.com

One of our all-time favorite NBA sportscasters Marv Albert thinks that—it pains us to say it—Mayweather’s uncanny ability to adapt to his opponent’s style will keep Floyd undefeated via close decision. Agreeing with him is late '70s/early '80s heavyweight star Gerry Cooney. The two luminaries concur that somehow, someway amidst Manny’s fusillade of punches, Money-May will find a way to win. Knock on wood!


Full story here.

YAY:   Floyd gets a chicken plate named after him

Image via Spot.ph   

For choosing not to fight Manny Pacquiao for six long years, putting the word chicken beside the name Floyd Mayweather is pretty justifiable. Señor Pollo, a restaurant that prides itself for serving delectable chicken dishes has come up with a plate called The Floyd Mayweather Jr. The dish is basically a chicken sampler flanked with fries, tortilla, chips and salsa. Sounds delicioso!

If Manny wins, hopefully, Señor Pollo gives out free Floyd Mayweathers for visiting customers.

Full story here.

YAY:   Manny does his own version of
The Biggest Loser

After enduring consecutive days of highly intense training, the Pacman took time off and relieved some stress by having good clean fun with his posse. With sinfully scrumptious food surrounding the crowd at hand, Manny hosted an event that was coined “Temptation Night.”

The gathering awarded a generous amount of cash to those who were able to keep their hands to themselves and not touch the feat laid out before them. Those who gave in to the allure of lechon went home with added inches to their waistlines and maybe a couple of pabalot na ulam as well.

Full story here.

YAY:   Manny gets a visit from fellow superstars

Image via Manny Pacquiao's Instagram page

It’s easy to notice the luminous glow covering Manny whenever fellow celebrities show up to support him. That’s exactly what we saw when he tweeted a picture of him with one of the best basketball players in history, Karl Malone, the biggest name in MMA at the moment, Rowdy Ronda Rousey, and global basketball star Jeremy Lin. If we were Manny, we would’ve asked for a few shooting tips from Karl and Jeremy, and from Ronda, a few tricky moves he can use against Mayweather’s clinching tactics.

YAY:   Manny gets a speed bag with Floyd’s face on it

Celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro gave Manny a gift–a speed bag with the Money Man’s face painted on it. The idea of seeing Floyd’s face bobbing back and forth drew laughter from Pacquiao and Coach Freddie, providing a rare jovial vibe in their intense training camp.

Full story here.

NAY:   Manny talks retirement before Mayweather bout       

One or two more fights after facing Mayweather, and Manny’s calling it quits.

"I can no longer stay in boxing for long. About one or two more fights [before retiring],” stated the Filipino boxing hero.


It’s sad to think about Pacquiao leaving the game but the memories we’ll have from his great fights and a win (or two) versus Mayweather will certainly make his departure a lot less insufferable.

Full story here.

Kid Kulafu opens today

If you like watching pre-fight documentaries, like HBO’s 24/7 and Showtime’s All-Access, to get your blood pumping for a boxing match, what do you think about seeing a full-length film? Well, you’ve got one to keep an eye on as Manny’s story as a young hopeful nicknamed Kid Kulafu gets told in theaters starting today.

Here's the trailer:

Video via Kid Kulafu

The trailer’s actually pretty nice, and it makes you want to cheer for Manny even more. Laban, Kulafu!