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Jun 10, 2013
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Well, so much for all the doomsayers predicting a sweep for the Spurs swiftly after their thrilling Game 1 victory (*Cough* Charles Barkley.)  

The Miami Heat, on the verge of potentially battling the Spurs away from the comfort of the American Airlines Arena for three straight games down 0-2, played with the kind of intensity that made sure they didn’t. They got the ‘W’ in a game that Dwyane Wade described as “a must-win” for the squad, and did it in scary fashion, walloping the Spurs, 103-84.

The Heat now carry a tank full of swagger heading into enemy territory when the Finals resume on the Spurs' court on June 12, Manila time.  But before we look forward to Game 3, here's a rundown of the crucial numbers that told the story of Game 2.

30-5 : The scoring margin in the amazing Miami run that effectively ended the game.

In that decisive span, covering the tail end of the third period and early fourth quarter, we saw the team that steamrolled through the season making their championship opponent look like a high school varsity squad.

Next-game-notes: Given their makeup, the Heat can go supernova at any moment. The Spurs have known this all along, and still, they looked powerless to stop it. One area to improve on would be this: take care of the darn ball.


17 : The number of turnovers the Spurs committed

In Game 1, they committed just four giveaways. In Game 2, they had more than that before the first quarter even ended.

The direct result: 19 Miami points created off of turnovers. That the figure is the same as the final difference between the two teams isn’t a coincidence.

Next-game-notes: Tony Parker looked like he used up all his ball-handling magic in the last game, and led his team in TOs in Game 2 with five giveaways. How Tony adjusts to the increased intensity of the defense put against him will be a crucial theme all series long.  

6 : The number of field goals that Spurs wing Danny Green attempted AND made

Green led the Spurs in scoring, with 17 points. With the way he was stroking it from beyond-the-arc (5 out of 5), he sure looked like Ray Allen in there.

Dude was on the way to playing the game of his life, before the Heat rudely rained on his parade. Sorry, Danny, not today!

Next-game-notes: The Heat have packed it in, and clogged the inside, leaving shooters open. If the Spurs are to break the tactic, Danny Green and the rest of Spurs’ shock troopers must be ready to shoot and make those bombs in the coming games.

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