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May 7, 2013
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Week No. 2 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs is done and so are the eight eliminated teams, who were forced to pack their Samsonites early. Some players are now back at home, contemplating what they did wrong. Chris Paul must be thinking what the hell just happened. Kobe must be calling Dwight Howard every night pretending to be some psycho serial killer. Or in the case of the not-so wise Brandon Jennings, well, the failed soothsayer who predicted doom for Miami must be pounding his head on the wall as we speak.

The conference semifinals are here, and now we present you the second installment of our awesomeness countdown of the best that happened in the past week!

10. Don’t sleep on George Hill

Here’s a game: Name all the starting point guards of the remaining eight teams in the Playoffs. Obviously, and understandably so, most of you won’t get OKC sophomore/Westbrook fill-in Reggie Jackson. But aside from him, George Hill of the Indiana Pacers won’t be mentioned as well. It’s not a big deal though, especially since the unheralded star out of IUPUI (we won’t even try breaking down the acronym) has been slowly making a name for himself in the post-season. His numbers? 15.0 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 4.6 APG, and 1.3 SPG. And Mario Chalmers says he’s a top 10 PG in the NBA.

9. Inside Job

Both Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol should wear placards warning their opponents to keep off the shaded lane. They’re far from being graceful and poetic, but boy, do they get the job done. Can you name two other frontline guys who are as dynamic and as skilled as Z-Bo and The Chunkier Gasol? Exactly. They’re the Mashed Potato Inc. of the NBA. They’re strong, tough, and never afraid to rough it up. So far, they have a combined average of 38.1 PPG, 51.5% FG, 16.1 RPG, and 4.9 APG, and 637454.1 intimidations in this year’s Playoffs. Enter at your own risk!

At one point, Randolph got ejected in Game 6 of their first round match-up with the L.A. Clippers for no readily obvious reason other than he was just becoming too awesome that night.


8. The Joakim and Nate Show

If Z-Bo and Marc Gasol are the best frontline partners, then Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson are the toughest big guy-small guy duo in the Playoffs. Forget Chris Paul and Blake Griffin! These two gritty warriors have really upped their game, especially during crucial junctures. Noah made sure he wouldn’t pull off a Brandon Jennings as he, as promised, led Chicago past Brooklyn in Game 7 of their Round One dogfight. Mr. Robinson, meanwhile, is still as hot as a skillet after carrying the Bulls over Miami on Tuesday with a game-high 27 points, including the go-ahead J. 

Oh my Lord, Nate, what have you done. Was he ever supposed to be this good?


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