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Oct 14, 2014
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NBA Preview: FHM Answers All Your Questions About The New Season (Part II)

Konting tulog na lang, NBA regular season na!

Though we don't suggest you just sleep away the days until the season officially opens later this month, you really don't want to miss the ongoing NBA preseason games.

Plus there's also FHM's NBA Preview, a primer that answers the most important questions regarding the upcoming season. Since we're talking about 30 teams and hundreds of coaches, players, and waterboys, we divided this knowledge-sharing exercise into five bite-sized parts. Below is Part III, where we answer the questions:

  • Can Oklahoma City compete without Kevin Durant?
  • What made Carmelo Anthony stay in New York?
  • Who's better: The Greek Freak or Jabari Parker?

Curious? Shoot away!

(CLICK HERE  for Part I and HERE  for Part II!)


In terms of age, the Milwaukee Bucks’ roster is a young bunch. They're the second youngest team in the NBA with an average age of 23.8 years–second only to the Philadelphia 76ers (23.4). They also have two of the most promising youngins in the association: Giannis "The Greek Freak" Antetokounmpo and this year’s second overall draft pick, Jabari Parker.

So, who’s got the more upside between the two?

When Milwaukee drafted Giannis from Greece last year, they knew that they’ll be getting a raw athletic prospect with a lot of potential. They expected to see the young forward's true value in a year or two. Giannis, however, suddenly had a growth spurt and is now capable of running full court fastbreaks in just two dribbles:

His numbers may not show it, but Antetokounmpo showed enough to be dubbed as a future All-Star. He can now use his agility and length to his advantage, making it hard for opponents to cover him one-on-one.

New Bucks coach Jason Kidd is also flirting with the idea of putting the offense through Antetokounmpo by making him a point guard/forward. In fact, they’re using the pre-season as a petri dish for it:

Video via Piotr Zarychta

As mesmerizing as he is right now, Giannis is still a work in progress. Though much improved, his offensive game still relies heavily on his athleticism, and it makes him predictable. Worse, he's also below-average from the perimeter.

A work-in-progress is a label that you can never tag Jabari Parker with. A standout baller at Simeon Career Academy and Duke University, Parker has long been known for his NBA-ready game. The 6’8” forward's exceptional ability to create buckets via high-posts, jab steps, and pull-up jumpers remind people of Carmelo Anthony.


Video via GD's Latest Highlights

The only glaring knock on Jabari's game right now is his defense. Parker has a tendency to wander around on D, making it easier for opponents to blow past him. Let's hope that Kidd, a nine-time NBA All-Defensive Team member, can help him fix that.

Video via Ray Kim

We’re not exaggerating things here, but should LeBron James and Kevin Durant decide to pass the NBA baton, they’ll definitely look at Parker’s direction.

So who has more upside? Right now, all signs lead to Jabari, but Giannis isn't too far behind. In fact, this is the kind of problem the Milwaukee Bucks would love to have.

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