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Oct 22, 2014
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NBA Preview: FHM Answers All Your Questions About The New Season (Part III)

Only one more week to go before the NBA's 2014-15 regular season officially starts!

Okay, #Kalma.

We bet that our favorite ballers have shaken off most of the rust they acquired during the off-season. And it won’t take long before these cagers get into 100-percent game shape. Right, Top 5 Plays dudes?

Video via NBA

Speaking of concerns, we welcome you back again to FHM's NBA Preview, a primer that answers the most important questions about the upcoming season. Since we're talking about 30 teams and hundreds of coaches, players, and water boys, we divided this knowledge-sharing exercise into five bite-sized parts. Below is Part IV, where we answer the questions:

  • Who is the missing piece in the L.A. Clippers' championship puzzle?
  • Can Al Horford co-exist with Paul Millsap?
  • Bakit ba ayaw pa mag-retire ni Kevin Garnett?

Curious cats, are we? Scroll down for the answers!

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The return of Atlanta Hawks All-Star Al Horford has so far been eclipsed by fellow comeback kids Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose, but it sure means a lot to a franchise that went from being a dark horse contender to a barely-there-playoff team.

The only silver lining to the Hawks’ run last season was the emergence of Paul Millsap. The versatile lefty led the team with 19 points and 8.5 rebounds en route to snatching the final spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs (and giving the Indiana Pacers a big scare in the first round).

Video via NBA

But now that Horford’s healthy, can he co-exist with a fellow All-Star big man? The answer, we think, is yes. Though you can spot the similarities between their games (both have a feathery outside stroke and are vigorous rebounders), the truth is that they are not the same chess piece.

Horford is a natural stretch five that can play the four position while Millsap is a natural four that can slide as a bruising small forward if the situation calls for it. Hence, these lefties can play together without eating up each other's games.

Video via Atlanta Hawks

Advanced stats even indicate that during their short run together, they outscored opponents by 3.7 points per 100 possessions. If these two manage to stay healthy, expect the Hawks to wreak havoc in the East.


When you have the best point guard in the world, the second-best power forward in the association, the league’s rebounding leader, and a championship-caliber coach, you’re expected to win the title.


Video via NBA

So how come the Los Angeles Clippers still hasn't won the big one? Based on talent alone, they're easily the best in the West, but the team almost always falls apart in the postseason, and nobody knows why.

We guess it comes down to heart and hunger. Despite their greatness, the Clippers just never made the transition to a championship-caliber team.

Even if they possess all the right tools to finish the job, they were never able to advance to the Western Conference Finals. And instead of pushing themselves to win the West, they’re busy brewing a rivalry with the Golden State Warriors—a team that we predict will finish sixth at best in a stacked conference.

Video via Basketball Orbit

In fact, the only man who seems eager to win it all is Chris Paul. Blake Griffin, despite his talent, flops more than he scores. DeAndre Jordan is a very unreliable clutch free-throw shooter. And can someone tell Chris Douglas-Roberts that he won’t acquire Jamal Crawford’s handles even if he brings back the short shorts?

Photo via fullyclips.com

Kidding aside, if Doc and the rest of the Clips can address these concerns, they'll have a good chance of taking this thing to the next level. 

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