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May 2, 2015
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The next time Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather meet, it will be inside the ring.

Ladies and gents, the last official event before the #FightOfTheCentury is finally over. Earlier this morning, inside a jam-packed MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the weigh-in for the superbout was held. Both Pacquiao (145 lbs.) and Mayweather (146 lbs.) had no problems making the weight.

And when the two went face-to-face during the customary stare-down, something quite surprising happened. Nope, no punches were thrown, saliva spat, and kisses unleashed (it happens!). Heck, even trash-talking was absent. Nonetheless, it was still a face-off like no other, because our man Manny did something you wouldn't expect from someone facing a rival with brutal intentions: say THANK YOU.

We all know Manny's polite and gracious as heck but, c'mon! Thanking the country's current Public Enemy No.1? #Unreal

When asked by reporters after why he thanked Money, Manny said he was just happy that Mayweather finally agreed to fight him. Not that he's lying, but we feel there are a few other reasons why he's being thankful. We ran the incident through the FHM Translator Machine, and here are the results:

pacquiao-mayweather memes

Mayweather: "Uhm, welcome?"

pacquiao-mayweather memes

Bagong laban na naman, Manny!

pacquiao-mayweather memes

2016 is just around the corner...

pacquiao-mayweather memes

Book it! What "no rematch" clause?

pacquiao-mayweather memes

Seriously, this sumbitch is the only way...

pacquiao-mayweather memes

We totally know how you feel, bro!

Smiling outside, brutal inside

pacquiao-mayweather memes

Manny's gonna preach some ass-whoopin'!

pacquiao-mayweather memes

Pasado sa 6'5" height limit, sir!

pacquiao-mayweather memes
Make it happen, PNoy!

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