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Jul 16, 2015
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When we think of golf, we often imagine rich guys in their 40s and beyond with their kumpares swinging clubs in a picturesque green scene while puffing expensive cigars and being attended to by caddies. That or Tiger Woods and his previous unsavory sexual issues legendary ball-hitting prowess.

Allow us to shatter that sweeping (and inaccurate) generalization with the help of the gal below:

paige spiranac

Yesthere are pro women golfers, and some of them are worthy of the Hot-lete tag, like the girl you just saw, Paige Spiranac a.k.a. the hottest club swinger we've ever seen!

A fresh college graduate, Paige is a self-confessed fitness buff (you'll see more evidence in a bit) who played golf for her alma mater, San Diego University. The 22-year-old has the actual skills, too, as she just won the Colorado Women’s Golf Association Match Play Championship.

She's talented, but we all know why you're reading this now. Admit it, you want to see more of her stunning beauty and curves! Don't worry, we all do, so we decided to check out her Instagram page (114,000 followers and counting!) to see more proof why she's currently creating quite a stir in the interwebs!

We don't know what that trophy is for, her mad skills or her beautiful smile.

paige spiranac

We're really thankful she never skips leg day.

paige spiranac

Just in case you forgot she's a talented golfer. Awesome form, darling!

paige spiranac

Man, we're willing to get lost in those eyes forever.

paige spiranac

Seriously, women should take a page out of Ms. Paige's fitness playbook.

paige spiranac

Another display of awesome form. Paige is currently earning points so she can qualify for the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour) a.k.a. the big league for women's golf.

paige spiranac

We just can't get enough of her eyes.

paige spiranac

Paige was also a talented gymnast when she was younger which, together with her workouts, explains why she has a tight body to die for.

paige spiranac

We could watch her giving golfing lessons all day, every day.


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Makes you want to go to the nearest golf course and ogle play now, doesn't it?