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Aug 27, 2015
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The bad blood between UFC great Ronda Rousey and boxing icon Floyd Mayweather is getting more heated...

A little over a month after Ronda destroyed the boxing champ with a hell of a quote at this year's ESPY Awards, wherein she was named "Best Fighter," she offered her thoughts on Floyd's rebuttal in an interview with TMZ recently:

"(Floyd) said 'You make $300 million a night, then you can give me a call'... and I actually did the math
and given the numbers of my last fight, I'm actually the highest paid UFC fighter, and I'm a woman."

And if you thought that was juicy, wait till you read her follow-up jab:

"I think I actually make two to three times more than he does per second.
So when he learns to read and write, he can text me then."

Video via dowze

Ronda even described herself as "efficient," reiterating that she earns more than he does. Well, no arguing over efficiency, considering her last three wins just lasted a combined 64 seconds.

After this, we suggest Floyd to do more research (have you seen his Top 5 Greatest Boxers list?) and drive off with his expensive new ride.

Watch the Ronda's full interview here.