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Feb 4, 2013
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…That Jose Aldo is the Lyoto Machida of the 145-pound weight class. Every opponent Aldo faces in the UFC tends to expose a hole in the featherweight champion's game, be it his struggle to make weight or his inefficiency on championship rounds, but Aldo always manages to come out the better man. Like Machida, Jose also can’t trash talk his way out of a pay-per-view preview, but certainly fights like a puzzle. Those kicks he sliced through Frankie Edgar’s legs at UFC 156 was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. There’s also an obvious method to beating this guy (everybody says it's wrestling), but no one has so far been able to capitalize on it. Why? Because he's too damn talented. See? Machida.


…That bullies rarely get the last laugh come fight night. Heavyweight jock Alistair Overeem learned this lesson the hard way, finding himself on the receiving end of a lunch box barrage after taunting Antonio “Big Foot” Silva several times before and during their UFC fight. Bullies, they can only claim so much. Brock Lesnar gave the same kind of beating to Frank Mir. Anderson Silva choked out Chael Sonnen. Even Thiago Silva got screwed after picking on Brandon Vera. Overeem walked in the fight with Big Foot oozing with confidence. He walked out a humbled man.


…That we watch Superbowl not only for football's sake but also for the entertainment value it packs. Those who disagree have certainly not seen Bar Rafaeli's liplock session with a nerdy kid in that Go Daddy TV spot or Beyonce reuniting with fellow Distiny's Childs Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams during her halftime show performance. We can also agree that Ray Lewis couldn’t have picked a better time to call it a career, and the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t have picked a better time to be good again.


…That Metta World Peace is still Ron Artest—good at basketball, bad at sportsmanship. Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight claims he was punched by the Lakers forward during their game last Sunday’s, he also insists that Metta grabbed him by the neck. MWP, a former NBA Citizenship Award winner, says he bears no ill intentions, and we would have believed him, except this is the second physical altercation he has gotten into in Detroit (and who could ever forget the first one?). At least we can take comfort in the fact that he's playing his best basketball in recent years.


…That even the craftiest of veterans fucks up sometimes. Last week, veteran ring announcer  Michael "Let's get it on!" Buffer mistakenly announced a boxing match winner’s country of origin wrong, prompting German middleweight boxer Felix Sturm to believe he had beaten his opponent Sam Soliman, an Australian. While the long-time ring announcer quickly corrected the mistake, we’re quite curious: Did Buffer disagree with the decision and was this his way of telling the judges to shove it?