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Apr 1, 2015
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There are a number of reasons why Stephen "Steph" Curry is among the NBA's premiere point guards and, not to mention, an absolute joy to watch. Here are some of them:

steph curryGIF via Totalprosports.com

steph curryGIF via Sbnation.com

It might be fun to watch but, mind you, those tasked to defend him are probably shivering inside at the thought of stopping Curry's "video game" mode. We can't blame them. IT'S HARD:

steph curryGIF via Gifsoup.com

steph curryGIF via Niketalk.com

steph curryGIF via Oregonsportsnews.com

Just ask Chris Paul. He's been on the wrong end of Curry's dribbling exhibitions before:

Video via watchnba201415

And just when we thought he's learned his lesson, this happened:

Video via AshTex

That divine show of dribbling and shooting skills happened during the Golden State Warriors' game against the Los Angeles Clippers earlier this morning (Manila time). CP3, bro, we're big fans but, man, you got schooled again!

And now let's relive the action in GIF-tastic glory!

Steph casually drives down the lane

steph curry

Is he gonna pull-up for a J or do a twistin' layup? Nope, he'll just dribble away

steph curry

Or so we thought. Check your footing, Mr. Paul!

steph curry

What did we just say?

steph curry

Here's a clearer look at the devastation

steph curry

The best part for "Chef" Curry? The Warriors won, 110-106. Double black-eye for Clip fans!

Bawi next time, CP3!