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Apr 1, 2015
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What’s up, our fellow cant-wait-for-May 3 megafight fans?!

Let the newest edition of our weekly Mayweather-Pacquiao update tell you what! A lot of stories—some serious, many entertaining—from the two camps have circulated over the past week and we've gathered them all for you here.

Fists up, Pac-fans!

YAY:   Mayweather-Pacquiao to air on Solar Sports, GMA, TV5, and ABS-CBN

Along with the historic $10 million (P440 million) purchase by Solar Entertainment, it also arranged for boxing’s biggest event ever to be broadcasted by the country’s three biggest TV outlets simultaneously. In effect, the deal lets the people decide which channel they’d want to see the People’s Champ on come May 3.

Who made it all possible? According to Solar’s CEO Wilson Tieng, it was his Kumpareng Manny, making 1 a.m. phone calls to the parties involved, who got the wrinkles ironed out. Now that it’s all good, let The Pambansang Kamao be so he can train his ass off with zero distractions.    

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NAY:   Manny hounded by leg cramps, pays “hefty” price for it

Leg cramps have been an issue for Manny for quite a while now, so much so that he’s relented to using $1,800 (around P80,000) ointments just to get rid of it. Eighteen hundred dollars can be perceived to be a bit too pricey for a small tube of cream but his giant calves, which are considered to be the source of his speed and explosiveness, have been the main target of the nagging injury.

We say, he must do whatever it takes to resolve his cramp problems, even if it means flying us out in L.A. so we can give him relaxing massages. Come on, Manny, samahan mo na rin ng ticket sa laban.

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YAY:   Showtime and HBO announce Mayweather-Pacquiao pre-fight specials

Every time a huge boxing fight comes out, fans ask when its “24/7” will be shown. The same goes for Mayweather-Pacquiao. People are salivating for it. However, Showtime has announced that we ought to look forward to a four-episode special called Inside Mayweather-Pacquiao. It’s going to be a lot like 24/7, only it’ll focus more on Floyd.

Settle down now, we know what you’re thinking, you’re crying foul over this. Pac-Man fans, do not despair. HBO is going to come up with its own primer that would likely put Manny on center stage, called Mayweather/Pacquiao: At Last.


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Evander Holyfield says Manny will surely win a close fight...but in a controversial manner

The Real Deal shared his thoughts on the upcoming mega bout wherein he claimed that the judges will award Pacquiao the W after a close fight. How he came to such a conclusion is a bit of a downer. He went the conspiracy theory route, saying that the unimaginable money generated by the fight will force the officials to give Manny a hand in handing Mayweather his first loss. We’ve supported Holyfield many times in his career but we’re not taking his side this time.

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YAY:   Manny bloodies up spar mate

Image via Spin.ph

Manny’s younger, taller spar-mate Kenneth Sims Jr., who also happens to be an amateur standout, has gotten a taste of the Pac-Man’s vicious left hand. In four rounds of sparring, the Fighting Congressman turned up the nasty as he drilled Sims with a swift left hand lead. The result was a bloody nose that Sims would likely tell his future grandkids about. Pacman nation, “mag-ingay!” This news bit could very well be a sign that Manny is on his way to getting back his ultra-aggressive form.

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NAY:   Roach upset over Manny’s sparring workout

Just when we thought he’s acing all of Coach Freddie Roach’s tests, Manny gets his head trainer upset over a sparring session that was opened for the media. The eight-division champ drew the ire of the Wild Card Gym headmaster when he did things differently from what they had been practicing within closed doors.

"I was just a little frustrated because I mean why with me it's okay but when he gets in there with somebody else he completely changes,” Roach said.

Manny and Coach Freddie showing a bit of friction is a testament to how intense and important the looming fight is. Or it could very well be a plot thought up by the student and master, intended to fool their adversaries. Hopefully, this episode and the one where Manny missed his morning run were just ploys to psyche out the Mayweathers.

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YAY:   Mayweather breaks his silence, calls Pacquiao solid but reckless

Image via Mayweather's Instagram account

The silence has been deafening for most of us who’s been expecting Money-May to mouth off going into May 3. Finally, this week an interview by MLive.com got Money-May to talk.


“I just want to look good for myself. I want to look very impressive. I'm pretty sure he's going to bring his (Pacquiao) A-game, and it's all about excitement," stated Floyd. "I got here somehow, some way. He's a solid competitor, but very reckless, and he makes a lot of mistakes."

Speaking from a heated rival’s point of view, Floyd’s praise/criticism of Manny is justifiable. It seems like Mayweather respects his upcoming opponent’s fighting abilities more than he’s ever had. A terrific May 3 fight is on the horizon.

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NAY:   Zab Judah says Floyd is 10 times better than when they fought

Image via Philstar.com

First they were rivals, then they became sparring partners, then Floyd beat up Zab, then Zab knocked Floyd out.

Now, not only does Judah denies flooring Mayweather, but he’s hyping Money-May up as being 10 times better than when they fought in 2006. It’s possible that the former undisputed welterweight champ is speaking the truth but it’s also possible that his assessment may be murky because he’s now 10 times a lesser fighter than when he battled Mayweather nine years ago.

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NAY:   Manny’s team is plagued by injuries

Worried Freddie
(Image via Spin.ph)

Manny’s got leg cramps while Roach has a bad back due to a bulging disc. Strength and conditioning coach Justin Fortune is battling throat cancer. This piece of information may seem gloomy but seeing how Pacquiao’s coaches are persevering through their hampering conditions, it can be flipped into something positive.

There’s just no way our Pambansang Kamao won’t be moved by his mates’ display of toughness. The inspiring setting in camp should give Manny enough fire to power through any setback he might encounter in training or in the fight itself.

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YAY:   Coach Freddie has a secret weapon

Has-a-secret-weapon Freddie
(Image via Cagepotato.com)

It looks like Roach has taken a page out of Mayweather’s book. Coach Freddie has revealed that he’s been working closely with a former The Money Team fighter in devising the top strategy for Money-May.

The Pacquiao camp acquiring the services of a boxer who’s been with TMT’s tight-knit circle probably evens things up with Floyd—considering that he had hired Manny’s ex-strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza. 


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NAY:   Steph Curry gives Manny an autographed jersey

Image via NBA.com

The Golden State Warriors' phenomenal PG is probably Pacquiao’s favorite player at the moment and we’re happy for him that he received an autographed jersey from the guy. It was a gesture as sweet as Curry’s stroke but it might encourage the Pacman to pursue his PBA dreams much harder. Some other time, baller Manny; focus on Mayweather!

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NAY:   Mayweather-Pacquiao ringside tickets being sold for $87,500

Manny joked around, intentionally buckling his knees, when he heard of the absurd price of the Mayweather-Pacquiao ringside ticket being sold by a NY-based broker. Apparently, the only people who can afford to watch Manny and Floyd duke it out up close are the ones with an extra $87,500 (P3.8 million) to burn.

Now, if we see any Filipino politician sitting at ringside on May 3, pumping his fist as if he just got re-elected, that’s the guy we want to see getting chased by BIR head Kim Henares and not Manny.

Video from ABS-CBN News

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NAY:   Former Pacquiao spar mate Amir Khan is picking Mayweather to win “all day”

Image via boxing-news-schedule-results.com

A couple of years ago, Amir Khan trained under Roach and sparred with Manny several times. The two men grew a bond but that didn’t stop Khan from giving Mayweather the edge over his former ally. "Mayweather's a very technical fighter, you know... To be honest with you, I think Mayweather is going to be that bit smarter," shared the Brit. "It's the single shots that catch Manny Pacquiao... When I sparred with him, I think it was just them single punches, accuracy, timing... I think Mayweather, with his timing, his position... I think it's going to be him all day."

Amir Khan = Bitter.

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YAY:   The Greatest roots for Manny!

Yes, The Greatest has spoken!

Reports have come out that boxing’s most iconic figure, Muhammad Ali, wants Manny to prevail over Floyd. Ali's vote of confidence is one huge boost Manny can use as an inspiration.

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