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Dec 22, 2014
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UFC chief Dana White once said: "Fighting is in our DNA, we get it, and we like it."

To that, we reply: "Hell yeah, Boss Dana! You are 110 percent correct!"

Nothing gets ye olde heart pumping like witnessing an encounter between two factions itching to annihilate each other. And we're not just talking about bouts inside the octagon or the ring. Confrontations break out outside of it as well, and that's why we'll also be ranking those in our little list below of our favorite fights of 2014 inside (outside) the ring!


10)   NAIA 3 Police vs. Taxi Glass Window

Fight date: Early December 2014

The highlights: The display of unwavering conviction to destroy an adversary in this incident assured its spot on the list. It began somewhere in NAIA 3 as a police officer apprehended a taxi driver and asked for his license. The driver responded with a classic Pilosopo Tasyo palusot: “Andami naman nauna sa'kin, o. Andami nauna sa'kin!” causing the man in uniform to reach boiling point.

Manong pulis with his Hulk-type rage took it out on what he thought was the driver’s closest allies: the driver’s taxi door window. With wrath seething through his eyes, he tried to pull out the poor helpless glass window, crushing it to bits and pieces in the process. In the end, the policeman was able to get the license he so desperately wanted and he was successful in scaring the shit out of the taxi’s passengers. And oh, he got fired from his job a couple of days later.

Action replay:

9)   Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes II

Fight date: October 25, 2014 

The highlights: If neither of the Hendricks-Lawler bouts (more on that later) would be named UFC’s Fight of the Year, the honor would probably go to Aldo vs. Mendes II. The Brazilian leg-kicking machine, Aldo, had already KO’d Mendes in 2012. But the Team Alpha Male member regrouped and came roaring back two years later for another shot at the champion.

Leading into the 2014 rematch both combatants had been trading what dramatic commentators like to call “maaanghang na salita.” When the opening bell rang, it was evident that they would be trading bombs. For five rounds, Aldo and Mendes ate each other’s best shots. Chad landed huge punches while Jose connected more often with crisper blows. The judges liked Aldo’s work better, awarding the defending champ the unanimous decision.


Chad lost once again but at least this time he was able to punish his tormentor equally:

Video via Jordan Fights

8)   MMDA Constable vs. Maserati Driver

Fight date: Late November 2014

The highlights: Among the thousands of traffic altercations in the country this year, this one has gained the most notoriety. Why? For one, the MMDA offered a P100,000 reward for any information about the whereabouts of the Maserati owner. Secondly, it involves a Maserati, a super duper expensive car that we used to only see on HBO's Entourage. And third, the description of how the mishap unfolded sounded like it came straight out of an awful local action movie. Allegedly, there was spitting, there was punching, somebody got dragged by the luxury vehicle for a few yards, all of which started by an unwarranted video recording via cellphone.

When news regarding this road scuffle broke out, the initial reaction of the people was to side with the traffic enforcer. You know how mean netizens can be when they express their disapproval, the Maserati driver got a full dose of it. However, once several damning testimonies of other motorists who had encountered the same MMDA constable emerged, the public opinion somewhat swayed in favor of Mr. Maserati.

Video via Hot & Trending

7)   The Battle of the Booty

Fight date: All year long!

The highlights: This year, songs that praised the ass came out popping like SM malls, giving birth to a new music genre: Booty Music. It encompasses all melodies that remind us of the awesomeness of a big, plump butt. And no artists were worthy of battling for the title of 2014 Queen of the Booty Music other than Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and J.Lo.

This trio of sirens, with their desirable badonkadonks as their main selling point, had the biggest booty hit tunes of the year. Nicki swung hard with her "Anaconda" video and every Iggy Azalea song released was perfect for twerking. That may have prompted booty royalty, Jennifer Lopez, to make some noise again using her legendary rear end. Just when Ms. Superbass was about to be crowned Booty Queen, J.Lo made a surprising move that disrupted the grand coronation. The ageless Latina beauty teamed up with Swaggy P’s muse and came up with a song and a music video (plus a live performance) that may very well have out-bootied poor Nicki.

Video via JenniferLopezVEVO

BONUS: And before we forget, this girl tried to butt in as well:          


6)   P. Diddy vs. Drake

Fight date: Preliminary shots were fired when Drake stole Diddy's mic at the NBA All-Star game in February 2014

The highlights: There comes a time when every generation must give way to the next. That’s what happened when long-time Hip-hop stalwart Sean P. Diddy Combs came across current rap and R&B superstar, Drake, earlier this month.

The two have been reportedly feuding over a song. Diddy confronted the Canadian rapper about the song, things went awry. The elder Combs clocked his young rival, causing Drake to aggravate a nagging shoulder injury that ultimately sent him to the hospital. Diddy’s parting words were, “You’re not going to disrespect me again!” Word! Somewhere out there, '90s hip-hop heads are fist bumping while hollering “there’s no school like the old school!”

Video via TMZ 

5)   Robbie Lawler vs. Johny Hendricks  

Fight date: December 7, 2014 

The highlights: UFC KO specialists Ruthless Robbie Lawler and Johnny Big Rigg Hendricks fought twice this year. The first one happened in March wherein Hendricks eked out the win to capture the welterweight title vacated by GSP. The rematch came just this past December 7 (Manila time) with Lawler successfully avenging his loss and snatching the belt away from the Oklahoma wrestler.

It was another close battle, and the decision could’ve gone either way once again. Part of it was because the two warriors are just that evenly matched. Both are hard-hitters and they come to fight. Their pair of slugfests had debatable results but the action the two 175-pounders brought was unquestionably thrilling. Ruthless and Big Rigg produced 10 rounds of mayhem, and the upcoming rubber match would surely be electrifying in what's become arguably the best rivalry in the UFC today.

Video via UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

4)   Terrence Crawford vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa        

Fight date: June 28, 2014

The highlights: It was a match between two mid-level stars on the brink of breaking through to the next level. Crawford was the young WBO lightweight champion while Cuba had its decorated amateur, Gamboa, in what turned out to be a crowd-pleasing bruise-fest.

As expected, both boxers showed the grit of a hungry fighter and the flair of a future superstar. After eight and a half rounds of back-and-forth action, it was the champ who proved to have the more lethal firepower as he knocked out his formidable foe in the ninth canto. Boxing today has rarely seen a match between top prospects so willing to engage just to prove their worth as prize fighters. That’s why the boxing public lauded Terrence and Yuriorkis, both very talented and highly-skilled pugilists, for taking and beating on each other.


Video via MMALIVE

3)   Sen. Trillanes vs. VP Binay

Fight date: A November 27 debate failed to push through

The highlights: Mudslinging in Philippine politics is nothing new. This year, the two public servants whose clowning of each other got the most air time were Senator Trillanes and Vice President Jejomar Binay. Their corruption-themed squabble ruled the news outlets for months and months.

There was a scheduled November 27 debate showdown that could’ve decided things once and for all. But the VP backed out of it, in effect surrendering the clear victory to the ex-coup d’état-leader-turned-lawmaker. Only one question remains: Did Trillanes demand for a blood test on the day of the fight?

Video via ABS-CBN News

2. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Social Media War

Fight date: Ongoing (and we're hoping the real fight happens)

The highlights:  Last November, after proving to the world that he is still a destructive force in the ring by beating the crap out of Chris Algieri, Pacquiao called Mayweather out like a champion oughta. Floyd’s reply was another online post of his rival’s KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. But taking the fight into cyberspace may not have been such a wise decision by Floyd. The boxing public seems to be taking Manny’s side whenever he tweets or posts anything that pertains to challenging the American star.

Manny’s Foot Locker commercial that sees him mocking Floyd has also become viral, getting more than 3.7 million views on YouTube. Manny uncharacteristically had even talked trash to prod Mayweather into fighting him. Floyd had labeled himself TBE, "The Best Ever." Pacman replied by making fun of the moniker calling it "The Best Excuses," convincing the people further that Floyd is indeed ducking.

The two boxing superstar’s exchange of online barbs had become so big and had obviously tipped in favor of Manny that it left Money May no choice but to sort of accept the Pambansang Kamao’s challenge.

Video via shosports

1)   Billy Crawford vs. himself

Fight date: September 2014

The highlights: The top spot goes to Billy Crawford solely for the reason that the variety show host went into a kind of skirmish not seen since Edward Norton and his Fight Club alter ego Tyler Durden went at it in the film. Last September, the former child star was seen in a precinct explaining the strange situation he was in.

Video via GMA News and Public Affairs


Wala akong kaaway, kaaway ko sarili ko…” Crawford said.

It seems like Billy had already recovered from his self-fight moment as he is again seen cracking jokes on the afternoon TV program, It’s Showtime. We’re happy for you Billy, wag mo na ulit awayin sarili mo ha!           

The lesson in all these entries? When someone asks "Kakasa ka ba?" you always say yes...unless of course, you're Floyd Mayweather! Zing!