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Mar 25, 2014
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So this is one of the few interesting things that popped up in our news feed today: a video of an ordinary-looking white dude who pulls off a number of not-so-ordinary jams. Watch him catch some air below:


This is Southwestern Christian senior Tyler Inman. He may not look like an athletic individual, but we will have you know that he is this year’s NABC-NAIA All-Star Dunk Contest Champion. The judges were impressed by his bounce-pass-free-throw-line slam and the fact that he’s, ehem, white.

When it comes to the NBA, there’s a notion that all white guys are vertically limited. Just ask Kevin Love. If you’re a white baller, people expect you to camp out in the three-point area and embrace the stereotype of being a shooter. And if you’re a big white dude like Kris Humpries, you just need to box out, rebound the ball, and stay away from girls with big butts.


Simply put, the world thinks white men can’t jump, let alone dunk.

Here, however, are 10 white players who beg to differ. Make the jump to the next page to see our list of the best white dunkers in the NBA!

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