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Aug 25, 2011
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Anderson Silva is out to avenge the most controversial loss of his career this Sunday against Yushin Okami of Japan.[firstpara]

In their first fight, Siva landed a heel kick from the guard position that knocked Okami out. The problem was that Okami’s knees were on the mat which made the kick illegal. The referee gave Okami ample time to recover from the kick but the Japanese claimed that he could not continue which gave him the win via disqualification.

Since that loss, Silva won his next 13 fights and claimed the spot at the top of the UFC’s food chain. Okami, on the other hand, won some fights but lost three big ones against Jake Shields, Rich Franklin, and Chael Sonnen.
On August 28, Silva will get his chance to exorcise the ghost of his last defeat. He will be defending his UFC Middleweight title for the ninth straight time.

Silva has been hot and cold in his past few fights. There were times when he just obliterated the opposition (James Irvin, Forrest Griffin, and Vitor Belfort), there were times when he appeared totally uninterested (Patrick Cote, Thales Leites, and Demian Maia), and then there’s this one time when he needed a late triangle choke to escape with a victory after being dominated for the first four and a half rounds (Chael Sonnen).

One noticeable thing about Silva’s recent fights is that he is at his best when he sees his opponent as a threat. He performed badly against Cote, Leites, and Maia because he knew he was still going to win the fight even if he sleeps through the first four rounds. Against Okami, the loss in his tally is the only inspiration Silva will need. There is still bad blood between these two as Silva felt that Okami could have fought on despite of the illegal kick in their first fight. “It was a cheap, cowardly way of winning,” Silva said about Okami’s win. There’s no doubt that The Spider will bring in his A-game this Sunday.

Okami is a tremendous fighter for his own right. He is very strong in the division, has decent power, and is a good wrestler. The problem is that he really does not do one thing very well. Sonnen showed the world the blueprint on how to beat Silva and that is by taking him down repeatedly and bust him up with punches, elbows, and hammer fists on the ground. But Okami is not the kind of fighter who can physically dominate Silva like what Sonnen did.

Silva should win this fight easily. As we’ve said earlier, he should draw inspiration from his loss to Okami and the hometown crowd that will be cheering for him wildly. Okami can possibly make this a competitive fight in the first few minutes of the first round but we expect another highlight reel knockout from Silva in the second round. Don’t be surprised if you see one of those Steven Seagal front kicks again.

Silva will get a win via stoppage and will continue to show us all that there is no better fighter in the sport today.