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Feb 15, 2014
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Lyoto Machida is fighting at UFC Fight Night this Sunday! He is set to face Gegard Mousasi, a former Strikeforce champion and a potential UFC title contender who's had his share of impressive victories in recent years. Everybody believes Machida will make easy work of him come fight night, but does his opponent agree?

"At this stage, no one intimidates me," brags Mousasi. "It's my time to show what I'm capable of. I will get to the title shot much easier after I beat Machida. He's just another opponent." Big words, Gegard, sir. We hope you know what kind of monster you're up against. But then again, you're kind of a monster yourself:


If you still can't decide who to bet on, maybe we can help you with that. In this week's edition of Mano A Mano, we identify Mousasi and Machida's chances against each other. Has former UFC Light Heavyweight champ Lyoto finally found his contrapelo? How does Gegard measure up against the most elusive fighter in the sport? And who among them is primed to get a title shot soon? Read on to find out!

Mano A Mano