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Aug 3, 2015
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We understand if you're feeling a bit down. It is, after all, not a Friday the start of the work week.

GIF via Reactiongifs.me

Still, no amount of loathing, cursing, wishing, and daydreaming will make it go away. Every single one of us will go through the most-hated day of the week. So, suck it up, fellas! You won't experience weekend joys without surviving Mondays.

Easier said than done though, especially with the kind of traffic we have right now that upgrades our profanity-spewing skills. So, if you're looking for something to help you get over the blues, we have just the thing.

Watch below, an awesomely inspiring (and nail-biting!) victory by our Dragon Boat national team at last year's Dragon Boat World Championships in China!

Video via Ilonggo Na Tunay

Now that's a come-from-behind win! Early on it looked like the Philippines will be blown out of the water (pun shamelessly intended) by the rip-roaring start of the US, Canada, and China.

dragon boat philippines

But things turned really interesting in the final part of the race, with our boys nailing the victory in the last few seconds.

Here's a GIF-tastic replay of the clincher:

dragon boat philippines

It may already be over a year old but, you have to admit, the feat's still truly inspiring. Congratulations to our national dragon boat team which not only won the said competition but also succeeded in giving us a much-needed shot of inspiration to help us get over the start-of-the-work-week hump.

Feature and thumbnail images via Ronleyba.com