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It’s official: Spain is the 2010 World Cup champs! After decades of underachievement—always qualifying but always disappointing—the Spanish are now worthy to be compared to Brazil, Italy, and the seven other countries who own a World Cup. [firstpara]

That's right, there are only eight nations—eight!— who can say they've won a World Cup. The Los Rojos are actually the 2008 UEFA Euro Cup, but being World Cup champions is still king.

Now, before go back into full Lebron mode and forget that the World Cup actually happened, let’s look back at the most unforgettable moments of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Ze Vuvuzela

Love it or hate it, the three-foot long stadium horn that originated from South Africa certainly got people talking; it even became a trending topic over at Twitter.

Originally made to create an atmosphere of sorts, one vuvuzela produces up to 130 decibels. That's 10 decibels more than the human pain limit—and is associated with hearing loss communication problems at the pitch.

But the World Cup committee deemed it harmless. Banning it would rob South Africa its cultural identity. In short, it’s not irritating enough to be qualified as noise, plus they might make for good new year’s torotots.

Upset about upsets

Switzerland pulled off the tournament’s very first upset when it won against Spain in the first round, 1-0. This was Spain's first game in the World Cup. But who cares about the loss now? It wasn't good enough to take them out of the tournament. And besides, Switerland is all but forgotten, and Spain, they’re champions now! See how the world turns!

Another surprising upset was Italy's failure to get out of the first round—all thanks to Slovakia’s 3-2 win against them.

In the quarterfinals, it was worse: Germany thrashed another World Cup super power Argentina, 4-0. Netherlands beat Brazil. Brazil’s last World Cup loss was in the 1998 World Cup finals in France.

Asian and African heartbreakers

The only Asian and African nations to get out of the first round were Japan and Ghana. Japan may have advance to the second round, but they soon suffered a heartbreaking 3-5 loss to Paraguay via penalty shootout.

Ghana, on the other hand, fared better and became the third African nation to reach the quarterfinals. The Black Stars beat USA in a 2-1 win in the second round, but was defeated by Uruguay (2-4) in the quarters in another round of penalties.


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