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Bluetooth Is About To Become Faster Than Ever

Soon, you'll be able to transfer files in the blink of an eye
by Tanya Umali | Dec 9, 2016
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Mobile phones aren't the only thing getting a speed boost—even the Bluetooth connection is being upgraded. As mentioned by the Bluetooth Interest Group (SIG) earlier this week, a faster and better Bluetooth, the Bluetooth 5, is already upon us.

According to the SIG, updates for the wireless technology will quadruple the signal range, transfer, and connection speed. Say goodbye to your old Bluetooth that takes ages to pair with devices such as smartphones, wireless speakers, and fitbit trackers.

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The Bluetooth 5 also uses other wireless channels like LTE and WiFi to avoid congestion during connection. It also boasts an 8x boost to its broadcast message capacity, which would allow for a more precise location tracking. Bandwith went from 1 Mbps to 2Mbps, enabling faster data transfer and reception. 


The biggest and most bragged-about feature of the Bluetooth 5, however, is the capability to connect devices even from a greater distance. Case in point: if you're doing some cooking in the kitchen, you can just leave your phone in your second-floor bedroom and it will still link to your wireless earphones or speaker.

The SIG also plans to make Bluetooth devices as a sort of network-boosting hub that can spread Bluetooth signals wider through the use of its latest advancement.

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The catch: getting hold of a new gadget carrying Bluetooth 5 upgrades to use it. Those installed with chips of the new version will be available within two to six months from the date of announcement. So, what happens with older devices that has the old Bluetooth? You'll still be able to use them, of course, though not as fast and cool as the Bluetooth 5.


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