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#SmartFREEInternet: 5 Things That You Can Do With 30MB + Unli FB

30MB is not as small as you think! <em>#SmartFREEInternet</em>
| Oct 14, 2014
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Admit it, you’re one of the people who whooped and cheered when you heard the news that Smart is offering free internet. “Seryoso ba sila?!” you might have shouted while you were jumping up and down. 

Smart’s free Internet covers 30MB with unlimited Facebook, and that’s for a whole day. While a part of you felt giddy with excitement, another part of you again asks: "Ano?! 30MB lang?!"

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of things that you can do with 30MB a day on your mobile phone. Besides, a free internet offer that’s not limited to Facebook or Twitter is something that’s profoundly game-changing in this country. Think about it: more internet, uhm, penetration means that more people will have access to the vast Internet vault of porn information. Free internet = More up-to-date, web-savvy Pinoys!

So, lower your eyebrows for a minute, bro—below is a list of awesome things you can do with just 30MB a day!


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Browsing your social media accounts and interacting with your virtual friends is not that bandwidth-heavy, you know. With 30MB, you can post and share as much as 20 posts/tweets with photos and still have enough MBs left for the other four things on this list.

Your Twitter and Instagram apps installed on your smartphone are there for a reason: they are not bandwidth hogs. That means matipid sila sa mobile data (read: your 30MB) and that they optimize the posts so that your phone can load them faster and with less-heavy elements.

Also, Smart's offer comes with unlimited Facebook meaning you can Facebook-all-you-can without eating up into your 30MB allocation.


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While no one can deny that social media feeds are treasure troves of info, most of the time, it’s not enough. Paano naman ‘yung may external links? Okay na ba sa’yo ‘yung headlines lang because you can’t open web links? Of course not. How about the more important images, err, information on the link?

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Fortunately for all lovers of free things, Smart’s free Internet is not just limited to Facebook and Twitter. You can also open external links to complement the info that you already have on your social media newsfeed. Combined with your social media posts, you can still view at least 50 webpages with the 30MB of data.

Also, you can access Smart’s Waze app that will give you real-time traffic information on Metro Manila’s streets. Know the congested streets to avoid, or if you’re already stuck in rush hour hell, tambay mode muna sa FHM Philippines. We sure have a lot of interesting stuff to keep you occupied. *wink, wink*


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Surfing webpages need not be just confined to news sites or your daily dosage of awesomeness (FHM included); you can also browse online shops like Zalora and Lazada!


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We’re not really sure why you’d want to access your email, much less your work email, using the precious 30MB allocation from Smart. But if you really have to…you can. Since Smart’s free Internet is not only for social media or browsing the Web, you can send or receive emails and even download small attachments.


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This is perhaps the least priority of the five since it will undoubtedly consume all of your remaining MBs real fast. Also, it must be noted that to conserve the 30MB, downloading and streaming videos is out of the picture. So walang YouTube and Vimeo, okay?

So, where to stream music again?

Music lovers need not despair. You can use Smart’s music streaming app, Spinnr. If you plan on just listening to music the whole day, the 30MB can safely accommodate at least an hour of music streaming. Or if you’ll be using the rest of the services featured here, you’re looking at 15 minutes max of music streaming. Bitin ba? No worries, you can always subscribe to Spinnr for as low as P29 a month (or go for the P2.50/day option) for unlimited music streaming.

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Should you need more MBs of Internet, you can always subscribe to Smart’s regular mobile Internet offers, which can grant you access to all sites and apps via mobile!

There are only two questions here: Why are you still not sending FREE to 9999 using your Smart SIM to at least try the #SmartFREEInternet promo which, by the way, will only run until January 5, 2015. Or if you’re not a Smart subscriber yet, why aren’t you gunning for the nearest store to buy a Smart SIM? This offer is also available to all prepaid, postpaid, broadband subscribers of Smart, Sun Cellular, and Talk ‘N Text!

Check out Smart’s website for more info!

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