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Mar 27, 2012
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Is that a million Android fanboys we hear laughing evilly and enjoying every minute of it? Windows Phone started a smartphone challenge called "Smoked by Windows" where they prove that their mobile OS is faster than others at any task. In case you're unfamiliar, here's a quick video.

A certain Sahas Katta decided to try his luck wielding his Samsung Galaxy Nexus, confident that it would own the Windows Phone device by the Microsoft store staff. At stake was a limited edition Hunger Games PC (HP Folio 13 Special Edition) and challengers can choose to trade in their "smoked" smartphone for a Windows Phone unit. Little did Katta know that the trust he put in his Galaxy Nexus would catapult him to Internet LOL fame.

The challenge: to bring up the weather of two cities. Any Android user would know that weather widgets aren't scarce, and luckily, Katta had one right on his home screen. The challenge began and all Katta had to do was unlock his screen, while the Microsoft employee had to tap the power button, and swipe to unlock to display two weather tiles on the screen. Katta claims he shouted "done" before the other, but he was told that he had lost "just because." A manager came to see what the ruckus was all about and told the Galaxy Nexus user that the weather widget was required to show two different cities in different states, something that his Android phone "could not do." Aww...

Katta was then asked to take a picture in front of a sign that read, "My Android was smoked by [a] Windows Phone [device]"  before he was sent home, but not before accusing management of being biased.

It has since reached Microsoft's Ben Rudolf, the host of the challenge in the video above, and he says he wants to make things right for Katta.

We have to hand it to Microsoft, that's very classy (and gracious) of them.

WORDS BY Neps Firmalan