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10 Buds and Cans For Your Different Soundtrip Moments

Because audio bliss comes in different forms...and devices!
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 16, 2013
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"Different strokes for different folks!" That often-uttered line relates to just about anything, from choosing which Jollibee value meal to order to thinking what pick-up line you'll use to make chika with your crush. Gasgas na siya, but hey, it's true! When it comes to making choices, we almost always come up with different decisions simply because, well, no two persons are alike.

The same can be said when it comes to choosing the right headphones and earphones (read: Our ears have different needs and wants). The tech gods have, fortunately, blessed us with a lot to choose from to satisfy our cravings for a more private, audio bliss.

With this in mind, we decided to come up with a list of noteworthy buds and cans that should serve as perfect companions for dudes who have their own preference for soundtrip-an moments. Who knows? Maybe this might help you out on your next purchase. Check the lot out below; you could thank us later.


1. Monster Inspiration

ear tech monster inspiration

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In a nutshell: This big-ass headphones is what we'd like to wrap our heads around with. It's a damn good-lookin' device, a fact given away by its brushed aluminum housing, leather earcups, and cushioned headband. We'd also like to call it a Jack of all trades since it goes well with all music genres, producing balanced, crisp, and detailed tunes you can only expect from a top-notch device, which the Inspiration clearly is.

Bagay na bagay for: Users who want only the best in terms of consumer headphones, not to mention pockets as deep as your lolo's poso. Perfect for those in or planning to enter the music industry for it also delivers great sounds as if you're just in front of the artist you're listening to. In other words, it's great for examining tunes, too.

Yours for: P21,000


2.       Sennheiser Momentum

ear tech sennheiser momentum

In a nutshell: Thanks to its minimalist design and sleek looks, the Momentum screams class without going overboard. We also deem it as one macho gadget, boasting a durable semi-metallic construction and smooth cans with leather cups that hug your ears. You'll be comfy wearing this one while you listening to your fave tunes. It also produces superb audio, especially in terms of tunes with booming basslines.

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Bagay na bagay for: Peeps who have the moolah to burn and want something that looks, feels, and sounds premium for use in a home or office setting or when chillaxin' in sosi places like Rockwell.

Yours for: P16,640


3. Sony MDR-XB900

ear tech sony mdr-xb900

In a nutshell: Now this bad boy ain't as expensive as the Momentum and the Inspiration, but it's still a premium audio device. It works well for most types of music, but its specialty lies in songs with heavy or deep bass. And you won't have earaches with it, too, since it comes with leather earcups which seem to be the trademark of top-tier headphones.

Bagay na bagay for: Peeps who like rockin' out to music with heavy basslines, like what that underground metal band only you and your friends know produce. If you're one who also values portability, the NDR-XB900 is also a nice option since its cans can swivel and turn for easy storage.

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Yours for: P8,999


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