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#BawalDownload: 10 Crazy Apps Banned By Apple And Google!

Apple and Google don't want you to have these apps on your smartphone!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 23, 2014
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There are two types of apps: those you can download and those you can't. The ones in your phone and on iTunes and Google Play obviously belong to the former. What we're about to show you though don't because, like shabu, murder, and, if we had a choice, bet-bet shorts and these other fashion no-nos, they've been banned.

Yep, B-A-N-N-E-D. Dundunduuun!

crazy banned apps

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But first, the all-important question: How do apps get the boot? We'll answer this as simple as we can (because we know you're already atat to see our forbidden apps list). Both Google and Apple have an app approval system in place (although it's widely believed that the Big G is more lenient) and if developers submit something that goes against their policies (e.g. it has nudity or hate language), chances are it will be banned right away.

However, there are apps that were approved but subsequently got banned. It could be that it carried a hidden and forbidden feature that was later discovered. Or the app courted controversy and had users wielding their digital pitchforks that the powers that be had no choice but to review and ultimately ban it. (For more info on the Google and Apple app approval guidelines, click here and here)

Got that?

Now onto the main agenda! See below, 10 crazy, mapapakamot-ka-sa-ulo apps that were banned by Google or Apple (or both) because of pretty obvious reasons!

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Video via MysticGD

Banned by: Apple and Google

This app featured a fair of pixelated funbags that you can virtually shake by physically shaking your phone. KJ ka, Apple!

Possible workaround: Disguise the breasts as Tim Cook's head...which would then make the app suck. Still, bewbs.


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Banned by: Google

TubeMate only had one goal in mind: allow you to DL YouTube videos straight to your Android phones. We get the piracy-is-a-bitch thing, but the cheapskate in us couldn't help but say, "P#$%^&*a, sayang!!!"

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