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10 Crazy Things We'd Do If We Had Crazy-Fast Internet For A Day

The stuff of our geeky fantasies
by neps | Aug 2, 2013
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A home Internet that's unreliable and slow as heck? In this age of memes, online games, selfies, and HD vids, that's just sad. The good news is we're now seeing more and more service providers upping the ante on connectivity speeds. Take communications giant PLDT, for example. With its Home Fibr service, you can enjoy blazing-fast Internet with speeds of up to a whopping 100Mbps. Huwaw!


For our clueless bros, Fibr is PLDT's new high-speed residential Internet service, and, let us tell you, it ain't your average online connection. Compared to the more conventional DSL connections that use copper wires, it sports next-gen fiber-optic cables to serve insane Internet speeds that will make your 1Mbps connection look kakarag-karag.

And to make the deal even sweeter, Fibr now offers the streaming of Cignal Digital TV channels to subscribers. For a minimum P300 on top of the monthly subscription fee, users will be able to enjoy 50 or more Cignal channels and stream them to up to three displays at home. As they say, the more, the merrier!

So yeah, having an über-fast Internet connection like PLDT Fibr is the dream. Too bad we still have to be content on, well, dreaming. But, if by some miracle the tech gods smiled and gave us a 100Mbps connection for one day, we'll go absolutely full throttle in maximizing that speed by doing the following crazy things:

1. Download a hundred movies in one day (from legit sources, of course)

if we had 100mbps internetThere's a lot to choose from if you know where to look

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