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10 Free Mobile Games To Combat Online Toxicity

Gaming is supposed to help you relax
by Jem Sagcal | Aug 7, 2018
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Our phones have two primary uses: 1) To help you talk to people; and 2) To help you avoid talking to people through casual gaming. If you've been playing the popular MOBA or shooter games for purpose two, then you might be feeling a little fatigued from the pain that is other people online. So we've rounded up ten free and equally addicting games available for download that will save you when your toxicity is full—both from the real world and incompetent team mates.

Spaceteam - Imagine life on the USS Enterprise, but with more incoherent screaming

Okay, this one does involve other people but hear us out. Spaceteam requires at least two players, but the more the merrier, so get your entire office or classroom to join in for a quick round as you and your friends are tasked to keep your spaceship alive and working. There will be guaranteed shouting matches to give each player the right commands before your spaceship careens into the sun—it's a true test of friendship.

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Hungry Hearts DinerDiner Dash with feels

Free games are often fun and addicting, but it's rare for one to also have a story that's beautiful and heartwarming. Hungry Hearts Diner is a time pressure, restaurant management game that follows the story of the diner’s struggling owners and customers as the days count down until the Tanabata Festival. It’s a game that can leave you almost speechless as each story progresses (the plot twist was especially memorable).

Kung Fu Z - The literal kickass platformer

Fight off hordes of zombies as a badass martial artist in this clicker platformer. The world was suddenly taken over by zombies, and you—a trained combatant guided by his mentor—must overcome the enemy and find the source of the outbreak. It’s also a game that you can leave hands-off, as the character will be on autopilot zombie-killing mode, so this does not demand too much of your time and allows for chiller gaming.

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Ramen Sensei 2 - For ramen addicts

Who doesn’t love a bowl of ramen? No one, that’s who. Ramen Sensei 2 is a restaurant management game where you can build your own ramen empire. Besides decorating your restaurant, you create the ramen you sell off to your loyal customers. Despite its 8-bit graphics, creating the ramen will definitely leave you craving a savory broth. It's an appropriate game to play while you starve lining up for those popular ramen joints in real life.

Run Around - The name speaks for itself

Memories of early Internet Flash animations aside, there are no other words to explain Run Around, other than you running around literally 360 degrees. The platformer has 82 levels of a stickman lapping a circle while avoiding moving and shooting obstacles. You tap your phone for the stickman to jump through the obstacles to complete the circle and move on the next level. It's one-thumb gameplay and vertical orientation also make it a stealthy distraction at work when you feel like running away from it all for a bit.

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An oldie but goodie, Crossy Road is a brightly colored platformer with the simplest of tasks: cross the road but avoid being road kill. Crossy Road is as fun as it is challenging. Plus, it's quirky—you get to choose from a variety of characters and see how long you can last in this unforgiving world of fast cars, sudden trains, and floating logs.

Two Dots - The almost endless puzzler

Puzzle games are the best way to consume time—they train (or frustrate) your brain and the levels are almost infinite. Two Dots is a game that is consistently updated by its developers to give you more levels and challenges to beat, and the idea is as simple as its name: get all the dots to disappear by matching up two or more and watch them satisfyingly cascade off the screen.

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Can you Escape 100 Rooms - If you have no friends to go to an actual escape room with

If you love escape games and puzzle solving, then the Can you Escape app series will leave you with hundreds and hundreds of time-consuming levels to play. Each level has different themes from the adorable to the horrifying. As you progress, the puzzles will get more difficult and you’ll be tempted to use that hint button—try not to because it’s one of the games that make you feel like a genius with each level completed.

Postknight – Medieval Grab Express

An RPG that’s about being the best mailman in the country. You are the postknight, a traveling postman that’s tasked to deliver mail and packages across the land. However, monsters are always in the way and as a knight with a sword and shield at hand, you are perfectly capable of dealing with them—while still keeping the mail intact. You can waste hours on just finding the best armor and sword in town while completing all the possible quests before moving on. And on top of all the delivering, traveling, and monster-killing, there's even a romance system and you may find the love of your courier life in the next town's apothecary or smithery.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - If you love Warcraft, cards, and hate having teammates who let you down

Hearthstone is a trading card game wherein you take hold of iconic Warcraft characters and create a deck that’s suited to your play style to beat other players in 1v1 duels or versus the computer offline. Basically, you get that thrill of beating other live human beings with no one to rage at but yourself when you lose!

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