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10 Lamest Megaman Bosses of all Time

<p>If you don't know Megaman, then you can't call yourself a gamer</p>
| Apr 8, 2010
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In 1987, family computer owners got acquainted with a little blue boy by the name of Rockman. [firstpara] If you were American, you might have known him as Megaman.

Whatever you wanted to call him though, he had always been the little robot boy that could, using his trusty ol’ pea shooter to take down Dr. Wily and his army of evil robots like Cutman, Iceman, Fireman, and Gutsman, to name but a few. And there have been many.

Spin-offs aside, there are currently a total of 10 main Megaman games, with the tenth one released just last month, March 2010 for the PS3, the Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii.

Unlike most game series however, Megaman 10 sticks to its roots, using the same 8-bit graphics from the original family computer game.

Heck, it even retains the horrendous cover art style (check it out here), made famous by the original Megaman game, where Megaman looks more like a middle-aged spaceman dealing with things middle-aged spacemen deal with. Like space-age annulment, probably.

Once again, Dr. Wily is up to no good, and he’s brought an army of evil robots once again. He never learns, does he? So, to commemorate Dr. Wily’s decades-long persistence, we now present you with 10 of the lamest Megaman bosses of all time, which should only prove that there’s indeed a limit to how mad an evil, mad genius can be.

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Bright Man
Appears in: Mega Man 4
Method of attack: Jumps around a lot. Able to stop Megaman’s movement, at which point, he’ll fire three weak-looking shots at random directions hoping one of them hits the target.

Why he’s lame: He has a huge fragile-looking light bulb on top of his head, which could break as easily as an egg dropped from a height of one foot.

Indeed, robot-creation rules state that every robot should be created with a weak point to make things fair for the conquering hero. However, that weak-point shouldn’t be as obvious as a freaking light bulb on a head.

Appears in: Mega Man 2
Method of attack: Jumps around a lot, and then flaps his arms rapidly to slow down his descent. Oh, and did we mention he shoots bubbles? Bubbles! Seriously! How can one die of bubbles? If you died of bubbles, then you probably didn't deserve to live anyway.

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