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10 Nifty Tricks For The Aspiring Facebook Master

Because your usual FB sesh can get oh-so boring, here are a few tricks to help spice it up!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 25, 2014
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Is Facebook getting a tad boring for you? Do you want to inject more spice into your FB-spree? Are you wishing for a bit more fun out of your social-networking sesh?

Mga mare at pare, pasensya na if we're sounding like a crappy infomercial you'd want to immediately mute the heck out of. Because we know you're on Facebook (yes, we're almost one hundred percent sure), we'd like to give you the deets on something really nifty: Facebook tricks!

Like with YouTube and Google, Mark Z's gargantuan spawn has a few cool tricks up its social-networking sleeve. Check them out below and don't you worry; all of 'em are really simple to do! Okay, log-in na!


facebook tricks
The trick:
Make your posts and comments appear upside down, force your friends to tilt their heads (or flip their displays) just for the heck of it.

Do it: Go to Two boxes will appear. On the top box, type what you want to post or comment in Facebook. You'll then notice on the bottom box that the text will be flipped. Copy and paste to Facebook and, that's it! Dali lang, bro!


facebook tricks
The trick:
Make your whole Facebook account appear like it's been hacked by the members of Captain Jack Sparrow's crew.

Do it: On your Facebook profile, click on the small gear icon on the upper-right side of the page. Then, go to Settings. Choose edit beside Language and, on the pull-down tab, click English (Pirate). Arr!


facebook tricks
The trick:
Surprise your Facebook chatmates with a chat icon of your pogi face. Prepare to be showered with "Wow, astig! Paano 'yan?!" questions. Act oh-so-cool and answer with "Secret!"

Do it: Log-in and go to your profile. On the URL, copy the text after the last slash. For example, if your profile URL is, copy the juan.delacruz part. Then, on the chat text window, paste and insert the text between [[]] (i.e[[juan.delacruz]]). Hit enter and see your profile image transform into its minion version.

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facebook tricks
The trick:
The way you see your Facebook profile page might be different to how others or the general public sees it, no thanks to you tinkering with privacy settings. This trick will show you how your Facebook persona will looks from the eyes of another person.

Do it: Click on the padlock icon beside your profile name on the upper-right side of the display. Hit "Who can see my stuff?,"  and additional options will be shown. Choose "What do other people see on my timeline?" and click "View As." Type a specific name and the page will display how your profile looks to that person.

This is actually more of a privacy tip, but it does give you an idea if your page looks good--useful for those who always want to look good, even online.


facebook tricks
The trick: If you're tired of using the usuals smileys or your face as chat icons, then you might want to use a robot, a shark's toothy jaws, a penguin, and even the head of a dude!

Do it: Go to your chat box and type these:

  • (^^^) (For a shark's head)
  • <(") (For the penguin)
  • :|] (For the robot head)
  • :putnam: (For a person's head)

Click enter and be amused!

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