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Jun 27, 2013
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Tech has been evolving at a pace that reminds us of that time when we were burning the roads trying to find the nearest toilet because nature's calling. With this blistering forward march, our 5110s have evolved to smartphones and our dial-ups have become 4G LTE.

But our gadgets ain't the only one experiencing evolution 2.0; even the words and phrases we use for geek speak have taken a ride on it as well. A lot of words that was a cool a few years ago are now as archaic as the word archaic itself.

Still, there are many of us that are somewhat stuck in using old school tech lingo. We cannot blame 'em, nakasanayan na eh. However, if you want to be truly fit for the next-gen tag, we recommend updating your vocabulary and eliminating the following tech terms no one should be using anymore.

Give them a rest, they've had their time.

1. Information superhighway

What it means: A more flowery term for the Internet, it became popular when more and more homes went online in the mid-'90s to the early 2000s.

For example: Those ads that say "take a trip down the information superhighway and discover the joys of the World Wide Web," or something along those lines.

Why it should RIP: Sounds cool back then, but it just seems really cheesy now. Just use the word Internet to avoid being tagged as a pretentious douche that's still stuck in the '90s.


2. Floppy

obsolete tech terms floppy

One of the '90s must-haves for geeks

What it means: A storage device that primarily came in three sizes (8 inches, 5.25 inches, and 3.5 inches) that can store 1 to as much as 240MB of information. Not nearly enough for our needs today but a big deal back then.

For example: "Kuya paprint po ng thesis, eto asa floppy ko."

Why it should RIP: We have USB flash or thumb drives now that have the storage of a hundred or even a thousand floppies. Also, you'd really have to be specific when using the word especially around younger folks lest you want to be called a manyak talking about his schlong.

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