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Mar 15, 2012
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James Whittaker used to work at Google. In fact, he had pretty big responsibilities as an Engineering Director. His LinkedIn profile says that he worked for the search engine giant from May 2009 to February 2012. As outsiders looking in, we have noticed quite a lot of big changes in the company that we were kind of forced to get used to, but we would've never thought that it was an even bigger adjustment for Google employees. 

Whittaker has been working for Microsoft for two months now. The same Microsoft that has been releasing anti-Google videos like "Gmail Man" and "Googlighting." We don't know if he had a hand in the creation of the videos, but judging from this lengthy albeit read-worthy blogpost, he doesn't seem too happy with the moves Google's been making. 

We encourage you to read the whole thing, but for the sake of time here are 10 quotes of Whittaker worth-remembering.

1. "It wasn’t an easy decision to leave Google." - Whittaker claims he had become "fairly passionate" about the company.

2. "Google was run like an innovation factory." - and added that the "old Google" empowered employees to be entrepreneurial through founder's awards, peer bonuses and 20% time---a Google policy that lets engineers spend 20% of their time working freely on passion projects.

3. "... competing with Facebook." - said to be the "one place" that mattered a lot but where Google innovation faltered.

4.  "Larry Page himself assumed command to right this wrong." - said when describing the change in leadership in response to brands valuing Facebook's information so much they were willing to play second-fiddle to the social network. He cited facebook.com/nike and continued that no brand had ever done that for Google---put Google first.

5. "Ideas that failed to put Google+ at the center of the universe were a distraction." - explaining the stoppage of projects that didn't contribute to Google's idea of "social." See some of Google's cancelled projects here.

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WORDS BY Neps Firmalan