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10 Scariest Game Characters Ever

We present the game characters with the ability to make us instantaneously forget which button is shoot
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 2, 2012
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There are many ways to scare yourself silly this Halloween long weekend. Horror films are a staple and surefire way to get the blood pumping. There’s ghost hunting for the adventurous types and then there's American Horror Story for those who want to get their heartbeat racing without ever leaving their couch.

Hopefully, none of our readers has to go through the full-on mental torture that is the pregnancy scare but no doubt it’s different, and infinitely worse, when you have interaction with the terror around you–that’s why video games are great at doing scary. So why not immerse yourself in a game this weekend and hope you don’t run across anyone from our gallery below of rogues. Get screaming...err, shooting!

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