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10 Struggles Only Pinoy iPhone Users Will Understand

A busted wallet is not the only worry!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 2, 2015
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Have you seen someone playing with an iPhone recently? Before you judge him/her as one lucky sumbitch (Apple's handset, after all, is made for the big bucks), know that they don't always have it good with the phone.

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They may be #blessed with one of the most iconic gizmos of all time, but there are a few issues they have to deal with—and they can thank good ol' Inang Bayan for it. "What the hell are you talking about, FHM? My iPhone is a godsend, always and forever!" the ultimate Apple fanboy might say. Calm 'yo tatas, you loonies, and read on for the struggles every Pinoy iPhone owner goes through!

(Please post your "O nga noh, FHM; I was wrong" messages on our comments section at the end of this page.)


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Apple usually launches a new iPhone either on June or September in the US. However, just most gadgets first launched abroad, it takes a bit of time before it officially arrives here. How long? Usually about a month or two. Not a biggie for most of us, but for those who just can't play the waiting game, this is unacceptable. Hence, requests for padala or the need for overseas trips just to get first dibs on the device.


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With a new iPhone comes the need to show the darned thing off. It's human nature, a tendency that could ultimately lead to unsightly scratches if you're not careful (which many of us are). As a result, owners wrestle with the idea of buying a case versus keeping it exposed (because a covered-up iPhone doesn't look nearly as sexy as a "naked" one). The intelligent choice is to go with the former. A smartphone, after all, an investment. However, we understand those who risk it. Ang ganda lang eh!

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A new iPhone comes out every year, which also means there's an obsolete iPhone model every year. This is true with other flagships, but the effect is magnified for Apple's handset due to its popularity and posh status. Your iPhone 5? "That's old news, bro!" says your boastful iPhone 6-toting friend. The problem is, most of us can't afford to change units every year. Speaking of which...


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Of course we had to include the iPhone's SRP here! It's a headache to save up for, as it starts out at around P35,000 and can cost as much as P42,000 a pop. For us who don't pee and poo money, the struggle is real, which brings us to...


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We thought we had that with the iPhone 5c (because we wrongly assumed the "c" stands for "cheap"). We were wrong. Although the 5c was a bit more affordable than the iPhone 5S, it's still a wallet-buster, costing about P29,000 when it first landed here in 2013. Ouch!


"Ay sana nag Samsung/Sony/HTC/whatever ka na lang!" We're pretty sure local iPhone users have heard this line from Android-lovers. It's all good most of the time, but it can get really annoying if it becomes an everyday thing. And it's not as if the iPhone is that bad. We mean, there's a reason why it's goddamn expensive, right?


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We're willing to go out on a limb and say that the average local iPhone owner expends more effort in protecting the device from snatchers compared to those who rock cheaper handsets. A certified thief-magnet, iPhones are.


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The autocorrect feature is a source of both convenience and giggles. It usually works nicely but sometimes it slips (what device doesn't?). The only difference here is that an autocorrect glitch can produce text messages ranging from utterly awkward to funny enough to be enshrined in the Internet's LOL of Fame.


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Siri, one of the iPhone's most popular and hi-tech features, kind of sucks here in the Philippines. Sure, you can still ask it stuff, but don't be surprised if you don't get the answers you were looking for. You see, Siri's functions are limited by the fact that Apple hasn't given it enough information (yet) on local listings of stuff like restaurants, directions, and movies.


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