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Weird Tech: Stories That'll Make You Say 'WTF!'

Or even OMG!
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 11, 2012
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We've grown accustomed to the shiny and next-gen side of technology. After all, that's the one the proverbial spotlight always shines on. But behind the glorious gadget march composed of new top-notch software and hardware is another side which gets less airtime and has the words kakaiba, weird, even bizarre written all over it. Proof? The following Ripley's Believe it or Not-worthy tech stories that might just make you say 'WTF!'

1. The one where a man marries his virtual girlfiend

How it goes: A guy known simply as SAL9000 apparently fell so in love with a character named Nene Anegasaki of the Nintendo DS game Love Plus that he decided to marry her. In fact, the ceremony was shown live via the web and even had a real human priest to facilitate the proceedings. And they went on a honeymoon, too! Yep, this could be one of those times which show that love truly knows no bounds, how sick it might be.
Why it's effed up: Love is a beautiful thing, but marrying a virtual girlfriend in real life? That's batshit crazy, not to mention messed up. So what happens if the DS breaks down? Is there any possible way to, uhm, consumate their marriage? Still, hats off to SAL9000. You can't argue with a man in love.

2. Dad spoke to his son only in Klingon for three years

Sorry, that's not the dad...

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How it goes: For those who don't know, Klingon is the language of an alien race known as Klingons in Star Trek. Apparently, a guy named d'Armond Speers used it exclusively to communicate with his son for three years. Why? He was interested in whether or not the kid will learn and acquire it, just like any other language as a child's early years are very important in the so-called language-acquisition process.
Why it's effed up: Experimenting on your child pretty much means asking for future trouble. He may learn his Klingon but we bet his communication and babe pick-up skills are very limited.

3. This robot conducted a wedding in Japan!

How it goes: A bucket of bolts played the role of a priest/minister and wed a couple in Japan two years ago. The robot, named i-Fairy, was actually made by the bride's company while the husband is a client. An interesting love story right there.
Why it's effed up: We look at this as another accomplishment for the robotics industry. However, we can't help but feel a bit iffy about a bible-toting metallic device that doesn't even know the significance of its words and actions. You can't really rely on the marrying power invested on a robot.

4. Man uses PlayStation controller to rob a store

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Fear the dreads

How it goes: Brotha man uses a PS controller and poses it as a gun. Brotha man goes to a store and tries to rob it. Brotha man gets himself caught and canned.
Why it's effed up: The dude might've been either very desperate or smoking something really strong to pull off something like this. But then again, we've been told he succeeded in a previous attempt at a Subway resto so maybe he knows what he's doing. Too bad for him the cops didn't buy it this time.

5. Baby drowns while mom's busy playing Cafe World in Facebook

Mga ina, baby muna bago laro

How it goes: 34-year-old Shannon Johnson left her son unattended in a bath tub and proceeded to log-in to Facebook to cater to her Cafe World craving. Her 13-month old son was independent and she didn't want him to be a mama's boy, this according to the mom. Lady, a 13-month old child is supposed to be a mama's boy!
Why it's effed up: The title says it all.

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