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11 Things We'd Still Be Doing If Facebook Didn't Exist

Remember the time when you were still using dial-up, and how the younger you had a massive crush for a teenage Scarlett Johansson?
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 23, 2014
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Today is a Saturdayanother day of rest, another opportunity to spend hours on end filling our coconuts with content from the giant social media machine that is Facebook.

Yes, Facebook. You might do other things to pass the time, but we're sure as hell you'll be logging in before the day ends. #Pustahan

This makes us wonder about the stuff we'd do if ef-bee didn't exist. Have you thought about it? We have.

From our little muni-muni sesh this work-free day comes this list of things we bet we'd still be doing (or at least do more frequently) if there's no Facebook. Think of this as a way of looking back to the pre-2004 era, or the time when dial-up still mattered and the younger you had the hots for a teenage Scarlett Johansson!


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Facebook makes it so much easier. Just log in, write on a birthday celebrant's wall, and you're now spared from the nagging "F***, hindi ko siya nabati" feeling. Without Facebook however, we might be forced to do the deed the old-fashioned way: personally.

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Oh, sure, there's SMS, but load is not forever, yes?


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You could think of Facebook as a giant portal where all sorts of news, scoops, and whatnotfrom a friend's #ChickenSad rant to big events that affect the whole nation or even the worldcan be seen. So without it, we'll go back to getting our daily news fix from TV, radio, and yes, newspapers.


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Without Facebook, the other-but-smaller social media titan, Twitter, will get more attention. In fact, we think it will become even bigger than it is today. The reason: the number of people who want to rant or speak up for whatever reason online will find it hard to find a venue. Let's just hope Twitter extends its 140-character limit para everybody happy.

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