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12 Ultimate Reasons Why Geeks Are Awesome

Geekz, reprezent!
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 23, 2013
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There are many types of geeks, with each one having their own "specialty." You've got computer geeks, gamer geeks, movie geeks, and comic book geeks, to name a few. Heck, there are even anime/manga geeks (or otakus)!

But we say all geeks are cool!

Ditch the stereotypical idea that geeks are the grandma glasses-wearing dorks that always get picked on or shunned. If you get to know them a bit better, you'll find out that they are not the boring losers some of us portray them to be.

So mga geeks, taas ang kamay! Don't be shy. Stand loud and proud for there are plenty of reasons why being one is awesome! Want proof? Read on, fellas!

1) You're good/knowledgeable at something

reasons why being a geek is awesome

The term "geek," for all its potentially derogatory meanings, just says that someone is good or at least knows more than the average gal or dude about something. May it be about computers, gadgets, sci-fi flicks, or whatnot, being a geek in a certain topic gives you that sense of entitlement or right to say "Hey, I know this shit!" Who knows, with a little bit of luck and PR prowess, you might even become the go-to guy for a certain discipline. Let's put it this way: It's better to be called a know-it-all than, well, a dumb-ass, right?

2) Geek chicks are HOT!

reasons why being a geek is awesome

Well, maybe not all, but there are indeed hot AND legit geek chicks. The drab geek girl is another fallacy brought about by our own stereotyping tendencies—something that cute, nerdy-looking girls who know their stuff are able to quash with one smile. Plus, there's really something smoldering with simple geek girls, even without them stripping or flashing skin.

3) You're entitled to the "Geek is the new sexy" line

reasons why being a geek is awesome
Propagated by TV shows like The Big Bang Theory, the "Smart/Geek is the new sexy" line is a way of saying that geeks are the new "crushes ng bayan."  We don't know how this happened exactly; maybe it's because of the way them geek girls fix their eyeglasses, or how geeks are just so good/informed about something (e.g. next-gen tech, gaming, etc.). So, to geeks who are feeling down about their self-image, just repeat after us: "I am the new sexy." Let this be your mantra.

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