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13 Ways 'DotA' Can Change Your Life

“Si DotA kapag iniwan mo, handa ka pa ring tanggapin.”
by Karen Mae De Vera | Jan 31, 2017
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Thanks to Filipino DotA 2 team TNC Pro Team’s big win at the World Electronic Sports Game in China, DotA has been making the rounds in the local news and once again gaining popularity. 

DotA has always been culturally relevant in the local gaming community. The game is famous for its challenging, innovative gameplay that stands the test of time and notorious for having some of the most unbelievably toxic players around. DotA continues to be one of the most widely played games in the country and it might as well become one of our national sports.

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In light of this, we’d like to remind DotA non-believers why this game is more than a distraction and should be embraced in daily life. So the next time bae asks you, “DotA o Ako?” Lean in close and whisper sweetly into her ear the list below.

1) DotA can turn you into a millionaire.

TNC bagged the grand prize of $800,000 (that’s 40 million pesos!). This victory represents all the times DotA was not taken seriously and every player should share in the glory. It goes to show that hard work, dexterity, and a kickass team can be very rewarding. (Here’s hoping that esports teams get more government support because of this!)

2) DotA improves your problem-solving skills and logic.

As a squad, you’re trying to gank a Queen of Pain. You have sand king, Sven, and Rhasta on your team. In what order should your skills be used to maximize the length of crowd control and amount of damage on a single hero? These are the kinds of questions you must face. It’s the type of game that will constantly put you in a situation where you have to make logical decisions every step of the way. (Because charging in on your first try doesn’t really help.)

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3) DotA ups your hand-eye coordination game.

It takes loads of mechanical skill in order to play DotA. From last-hitting for gold and staying out of damage range, to dodging crowd control and chaining stun and spell combos.

4) DotA teaches you how to deal with a high-pressure environment.

A ranked game is no laughing matter. You’ll have a bunch of online players flaming, blaming, and throwing profanities your way. If you are able to handle that all with a cool head, then you’ll reach a new level of zen. Tread lightly because if you let the wave of negativity get to you, you might end up getting toxic, too.

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5) DotA will turn you into a pro multi-tasker.

There are so many variables in a single DotA game. You have to pay attention to the minimap, watch your wards, avoid ganks, save mana to complete combos, check your HP, keeps tabs on both your own and your enemy’s skill cooldowns, look at the inventory—and you’re doing all this while last-hitting minions and trying not to die. Phew!

6) DotA will encourage you to improve on your math skills.

How many minions do you need to last-hit before you can buy Aghanim’s Scepter? How much mana do you need to execute Lion’s “Earth Spike + Hex + Finger of Death” combo at Level 7? Yep, it’s also a numbers game, son! Being shit at math can cause failed combos, delayed itemization, and missed windows of opportunity during power spikes.


7) DotA can give you a memory upgrade.

There are over 100 DotA 2 heroes alone, with each one equipped with four or more skills. You’ll need to memorize and familiarize yourself with each and every one so you could unleash devastating counterattacks against them and target their vulnerabilities.

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8) DotA will ignite your competitive spirit.

DotA is a high skill cap game. It has a ranked ladder system that you can climb to face the most imba players in your region and truly test the limits of your skill. You will be inspired to fight your way, amidst the streams of “colorful” chat language, to become a legendary figure in the land, or you know, the local comp shop.

9) DotA makes you more focused…on the game.

It’s an intense, fast-paced game that requires a lot of focus. We bet your date wishes you could look at her with the same intensity as you gaze upon your computer monitor during a DotA game.

Alternatively, DoTA could also make you LESS focused about real-life matters outside the game. Be careful not to get sucked in too much. Real life doesn’t happen at such a blistering pace.

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10) DotA will make you spend more time at home.

If you have a stable connection at home, that is. (Otherwise, it’s off to the comp shop.) You have to invest a lot of time to even be considered a competent player. Be warned though, that the grind to the highest levels of competition can take time away from outdoor activities. But hey, great news if your parents are always complaining that you’re never home.

11) Dota teaches you about hard work and determination.

DotA is a game of small advantages. Equally matches teams have small windows for victory. One mistake, by one player, can be the difference between ranking up or dropping down your division. It’s a lot of pressure but if you truly love the game, you’ll keep at it until you get better and better.

As we speak, TNC is currently training for the qualifiers of the DotA 2 Asian Championships that’s happening this March. Now that’s dedication!

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12) DotA can mold you into a great leader

When HR asks you about your leadership skills, explain that you have a lot of experience in dealing with bad teammates, teaching noob members, delegating objectives, making quick decisions, handling and dishing out constructive criticism. And you learned all that from DotA!

13) DotA will make a significant impact on your relationship.

(If you have one!)

This game will either be one more thing to fight about or make a convert out of your S.O. And now they can be your Support in both the real and virtual world.

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