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15 Must-Have Tech Accessories For The Modern Man

Of course power banks are on this list
by Tanya Umali | Nov 3, 2016
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Apart from the essentials such as your laptop and cellphone, there are other gadgets that could help improve your tech devices and upgrade your modern-gentleman look. 

These accessories help make your tech user expereience easy for everyday use. 

Check out this list and see if you have these tech accessories that make life in and out of the office more practical:

1. Flash drive or external hard drive

The wise man knows that, nowadays, all necessary documents should be backed-up and ready to go just in case your device conks out on you.

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2. USB hub with SD card reader

Let's face it, laptops and computers just don't have enough ports. A USB hub comes in handy in case you need to plug in three or more flash drives.

3. Bluetooth keyboard

Tired of tangled wires? Go wireless with a bluetooth keyboard.  

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4. Hard-shell laptop case

Protection is always improtant and your gadgets are not an exception to that rule. Consider swapping your laptop sleeve for a hard-shell laptop case instead.

5. Bluetooth speaker

You never know when you'll need to set the mood. A portable bluetooth speaker with excellent sound can help you be the life of the party wherever you go. 

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6. Multi-port USB wall charger

No need for adaptors when charging your phone. A multi-port USB-type charger can solve your phone charging problems. 

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7. Laptop stand

Laptops can be a pain in the neck—literally. Having a laptop stand can save you from potential back problems. 


8. Wireless mouse

Like the wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse gives you just enough freedom to navigate your computer without the hassles of a wire. 

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9. Laptop bag

Protect your laptop from the ahrsh style, of course. 

10. Good quality earphones

Whether you're stuck in traffic or just want to kill time, good quality earphones can be your trusty companion. 

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11. Lightning cable

Every mobile gadget needs one. It's compatible with your laptop, cellphone, iPad, and power bank so this is a must-have. 

12. Phone case

Smartphones are worth a ton of cash, and a good casing protects your investment. 

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13. Armband phone case

If you're a gym rat, you'll need some awesome music to keep you motivated. Trust, you wouldn't want to hold your phone while running or lifting weights. 

14. Car-phone mount

Ever heard of the anti distracted driving law? If not, then you might just be one of the many people who holds their phone while behind the steering wheel. If you want to avoid accidents, get a car phone mount, stat! 

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15. Power bank

No available wall outlet, no problem. 

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